A Year of Achievement

Thanks to you and the other 600 plus Followers of this blog, we have now achieved over 20,000 “views” of our pages since we launched in May 2012. The statistics from WordPress, which provides the site at minimal cost, make interesting reading. Click on alvisarchive stats 20000

The most popular subject seems to be the Fourteen, whose owners have embraced the blog. Eileen has promised to continue adding to the page with more photos. The 4.3 page contributed by Wayne Brooks is much followed and he too is committed to further additions. Meanwhile I will add to the Graber page. I am pleased to report Malcolm Kindell has agreed to host a TA21 page. We have only used 15% of the available space on the website so keep the photos coming in. The interest and encouragement from outside the UK (which for the record, is enjoying the longest day today and glorious late evening sunshine here in the east) is very pleasing.

It has been quite a busy week with requests for information and offers of help from Alvis folk. On the other sunny lunch time this week I met up with a co-trustee and friends and our ever enthusiastic Historian Dave Culshaw. Dave has promised another P P S article when he has recovered from sorting through masses of memorabilia from the estate of Ernest Shenton, more of which in future posts.

Dave and Wayne have also been helping with the history of a Mayfair Speed 20 that comes up for auction next Saturday…..

12132 - ENGINE NUMBER 12582 - CAR NUMBER 17442, THIS CAR WAS DISPATCHED FROM THE ALVIS WORKS ON MAY 15TH 1935 AND REGISTERED AT THE LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL ON JULY 1ST 1935 BY ALVIS DEALERSHIP "CHARLES FOLLETT" ON BEHALF OF ITS FIRST OWNER A MR J.B.T.COLLINS OF CHESHAM BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. A rare Mayfair bodied saloon for auction on 29th June in Scotland http://www6.amstock.co.uk/morrisleslie/StockDetail.aspx?lot=0&regno=BYF330&sale=1550 http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/classic-car-page/204424/1935-alvis-speed-20
A rare Mayfair bodied saloon for auction on 29th June in Scotland 

Today the Newsletter from Coventry included a picture of the “Alvis” Alvis, see..


I have added some more photos to the Speed Models page, thanks to Paul Bamford in Australia.

John Fox

Author: alvisarchive

Established in 2002 by the Alvis Owner Club

8 thoughts on “A Year of Achievement”

  1. Greetings!

    Thanks for this up date.

    You mention setting up sections to house various groups of cars. As you may have gathered, I have over the last 15 years or so collected a lot of data with pics of TA14s which were bodied by Duncan Industries. If you allow me a few weeks i should be in a position to pass photographs to you. I am still working on the sequence in which they were bodied ( not necessarily in Chassis order at all). The total number is around 36 which should make a very reasonable group. I also have notes of conversations with David Rogerson ( The Duncan Works Manager in 1948); David was really the man in charge of the whole bodying operation at the time.

    Would you kindly confirm where I should email this material and also confirm that you could handle JPEG format; or would you recommend an alternative ?

    kind regards

    John Hay

  2. Hi John Good talking to you this week. I love the Mayfair 20 – what a super car – never seen it before. Where’s it been hiding? B

    Sent from my iPad

  3. This car was discovered in Norway byNick Simpson and bought by a Bentley enthusiast who loved saloons and had it extensively restored by Earley Engineering around 1996/7. Prior to its life in Norway it had been in the north of UK painted in Aubergine over Sky Blue. The present colour is Rolls-Royce Garnet. It was in the AOC for a while and was shown at an AOC event at Silverstone years ago. One of the prettiest Mayfair bodies. Nick Simpson.

  4. Lorne & Diana Plunkett of Ottawa Canada the long term owners of TA 21 DHC Car No 25057 have reluctantly sold their car after 42 years, and it is currently on the high seas on route back to the UK, to its new owners Geoff & Jan Boxall. The car was purchased by Lorne in the UK whilst working here and took it back to Canada in 1973 where it has been regularly used and admired ever since.

    It retains the original registration number OOD143 and has covered approx 108,000 miles with 7 registered owners, although one of them Alexander Kok accounts for 3 entries owning twice at three address’s. The original build sheet shows that it started life as a left hand drive chassis but was converted to right hand drive before leaving the factory to be delivered to its first owner Herbert Curtis Edmonds of Seaton Devon. Following illness of the first owner the car was laid up and sold to a car dealer in Rockbeare Devon who in February 1959 sold it to Alexander Kok who in August of that year sold the car to Professor Benjamin Stanley Platt { the country’s first Professor of Human Nutrition in 1946 } When Alexanda Kok { founder member of the Philharmonia Orchestra and Principal of BBC Symphony Orchestra } moved back to London he re-purchased the car on 19th February 1964 selling it to a car dealer Norman Eddington garage Hungerford Ltd on 2nd April 1969.

    Lorne Plunkett purchased the car on 4th October 1971 from a garage filling station on the A4 near Stonehenge, having been told on trip a year earlier, that the car was decidedly not for sale by the attendant as it was the boss’s car. On their return to Canada Lorne and Diana shipped the car back and used it every summer, with it even having a cameo role in a 2006 movie Hollywoodland, the George [ Superman Reeves story ] with Ben Affleck and Bob Hoskins.

    The car was apparently changed to TC21 / 100 spec in 1960 by Charles Chase AOC member and Raymond Bowles and is thought to have, wire wheels, high ratio diff and TC21/100 engine donated from a crashed Grey Lady saloon Car No 25699 thought to be owned by Lady Caroline Freud. The accident taking place in Mayfair and hushed up at the time as the lady concerned was high profile with an alleged alcohol problem. The engine No within the car is 25699, the build sheet shows date car delivered 1/12/54 to Brooklands of Bond Street.

    This is our second Alvis the first despatched from the factory to Dublin, being a barn find TD21 dhc off the road for 25 years, bought in 2006 then fully restored and put back on the road in 2009 now registered 175 XUF and sold by us in 2011. We hope that some of this history is of interest and we have been in touch with Malcolm Kindell to update his records.

    Geoff & Jan Boxall

  5. Well done John!

    You’ve put life into the Archives that they/it never had before so keep up the good work.

    All the best.


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