July news

The latest P P S from Dave Culshaw has been worth waiting for. “Alvis Crime and Punishment” is now on Dave’s page and gives a clue to the time and effort he puts in to Alvis history in all its aspects.

Another long standing enthusiast is Malcolm Kindell who for some forty years has remained faithful to his Mistress (TA21 24077) and now hosts the new TA21 page which will gradually build up over time with more photos.

24077 with Malcolm at IAD Duxford 1990 - photo Clive Taylor
24077 with Malcolm at IAD Duxford 1990 – photo Clive Taylor

After a year with WordPress, we have gone “Premium” (we splashed out $79) so you should no longer see adverts when browsing. It also means we can now upload videos to the site. So if you have some cine or video of Alvis related material that is not already on YouTube that deserves a discerning audience, please make a comment below.

And from Chris Taylor, a wonderful period photo. Do you know where and when it was taken?bridge

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5 thoughts on “July news”

  1. A great comfort to know of, and see the results of, the dedication and enthusiasm of the discriminating owner/drivers of Alvis cars. My 1934 VandenPlas bodied Speed Twenty is nearly complete, at which time I will pass on the results. Alvisarchive is a lighthouse in a dark world.

    E. Herrmann, Salisbury Connecticut

    1. Edward,
      Glad to hear of the Speed 20’s progress. Hope to see it and you at an event soon.
      Bruce Earlin, CCCA Alvis technician.

  2. Hi John, Thanks for the archive pictures. The bridge photograph is located at Holyhead Road, adjacent to the ALVIS Works, pre 2nd World War. Date? don’t know, Maybe the photo was taken by the Works or the local paper?

    Bye for now,

    Clive 5058 NZ

  3. I would guess at 1923/24 as both 12/40 and 12/50 are advertised. Its not the famous old Alvis works bridge I remember, though.

  4. It is the famous ‘Alvis’ bridge that many of us knew, probably 1923/4. We are looking in the direction of Birmingham and its more or less open fields from there to Allesley village. The only building was the Motor packing Co out of sight on the right. The later Alvis factory started construction in 1934 just through the bridge on the left.

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