Alvis ownership – a record?

Dr Walter Williamson, member 589N with Dave Culshaw 662N at a recent Archive Trust lunch meeting in at the Bridge Inn, Wetherby. Walter has owned his Speed 20 SB since 1961. Both he and it were born in 1934. Photo Judy Willmott
Dr Walter Williamson (left) AOC member 589N with Dave Culshaw 662N at the April Archive Trust lunch meeting in at the Bridge Inn, Walshford near Wetherby.                                                                        Have you been a member longer and owned an Alvis longer?

11288, Speed 20 SB 3-33-3  AYN15  VdP sal 3190, 1st owner The Duke of Westminster, was the first owner of 11288, AYN 15

11288 Speed 20 SB  AYN15 VdP sal 3190, 1st owner The Duke of Westminster

Another evocative picture from the van der Weiden Collection showing the Works cars at Holyhead Road – annotated 1991 but the works transferred to Walsgrave in 1990 so whose photo is this and when was it taken?

Alvis Factory, May 1991, Tour of Britain, Photo from collection Henk and Agnes van der Weiden

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3 thoughts on “Alvis ownership – a record?”

  1. John, Ref Alvis police cars, I posted the following link in the register a couple of years ago. It is a clip from the Scottish Screen Archive showing a staged police chase with on of the Glasgow Police Force ‘Silver Eagles’ made in 1934. It is worth noting of its existence in the Archive or even maybe getting a copy Cheers Chris*&search_join_type=AND&search_fuzzy=yes Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 14:27:01 +0000 To:

  2. My late husband, Bert Adams, bought his 1934 Alvis Sp20 SB Cross and Ellis tourer in 1958 and used it to fulfil his role as a representative of a local company travelling nationwide in it. He still owned it when he passed away in August last year.

    Kind regards,
    Kath Adams

    3 Westover Drive,
    ST15 8TT
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  3. Long term Alvis ownership. My father bought JT8896 Sp 25 Charlesworth dhc in 1953. On his death in 2005 i took on the ownership of the splendid car , she has been with the same family these past 61 years, does family ownership qualify for the long term record? Anthony Norton AOC No 10541 SW.

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