Petwood Revival, Graber Treffen UK and Drive-it Day

Several invited Alvis and their custodians travelled to Lincolnshire over the weekend to revive past events based at the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa.

First up was a trip to the Lincs Aviation Centre where the Lancaster “Just Jane” is undergoing restoration and fund raising to get her airborne again. Coinciding with a visit from veterans of 619 Squadron, we met a former Speed 20 owner from the 1950s. The Petwood evokes the era of our cars. Two Bader cars joined us on Saturday.

The Petwood Hotel

Thirteen Alvis met at East Kirkby.

East Kirkby – Lincs Aviation Centre. Photo Paul Chasney
Bader’s first and last Alvis 3 litres

It was also an opportunity for Graber owners to meet

TF21, TD21 and TC108G
Photos Paul Chasney

Drive it Day saw us at the Model Car Museum “On Your Marques” at Mumby Then to the sea….

14867 4.3 litre Vanden Plas at Huttoft Car Terrace on Drive-It Day 2017

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