Gawsworth Hall photo selection

International Alvis Weekend organised by the Northern Section of the Alvis Owner Club provided a superb location and glorious hot weather for the first of their three annual events over the weekend of 16-18 June 2017. It was good to see many Alvis not seen for many years as well the usual attendees. Here is a small selection….

12666 ACY 292
Andrew Wisdom’s Silver Eagle 12666 ACY 292 – a new restoration
14343 and 14353
14343 is the Burchard 4.3 Offord (left) and 14353 is the Bradnum’s 3.5 litre Speed 25 SB Cross & Ellis with the Burns special V8 outside Gawsworth Hall on 18th June 2017 Alvis Day
14607 FGO659
Roger Gooding’s 14607 Speed 25 SC Charlesworth
14871 EVC 477 (2)
Christo van Zweeden’s 1940 4.3 Charlesworth Dhc originally EVC 477
14871 EVC 477
The prewar Concours line up
25591 PXD 249
25591 TC21/100 Tickford
26295 553 AXB
26295 TD21 Park Ward Dhc
26736 26523
26736 Park Ward Series II TD21 not speaking to her Swiss elder sister 26523 Graber TD21
27097 AUW 66B
27097 TE21 Mulliner Park Ward Dhc

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1 thought on “Gawsworth Hall photo selection”

  1. thank you but pity nothing of the large and varied TC range posted apart from Fisher Restorations promotion car ?

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