Tickford meeting – 23rd July

The Tickford Club is having a special 20th Anniversary event on 23rd July including a facility tour of a Coventry based company, Power Torque, who supply tuned engines to companies like Lotus, Morgan and Caterham.  

10.30am – Meet and greet at Power Torque Engineering Ltd, Herald Way, Binley, Coventry CV3 2RQ followed by site tour conducted by Dave Wood.

1pm – All move (10 minutes’ drive) to Weston Hall Hotel, Weston Lane, Bulkington, Coventry, Warwickshire, CV12 9RU for a photo-shoot (With the aim to reproduce successful 1994/5 line-ups)

2pm – Buffet lunch in hotel (Plus screen showing old video footage and former employees reminiscing about Bedworth)

4pm – Finish, with opportunity to stop at Hosiery Street, Bedworth (just 5 minutes from the hotel)

If you are interested in attending with your Tickford, joining Malcolm Kindell and others, please leave a comment below. http://www.tickfordownersclub.com/

Much of the 14 advertising for the Mulliners uses the word 'Individuality' as the strong message, not so Tickford. This marketing brochure has no such frivolity. What is interesting is that I was told that the nave plate colour should match the interior. It is obvious that for the Tickford it should match the body colour.

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Established in 2002 by the Alvis Owner Club

1 thought on “Tickford meeting – 23rd July”

  1. Subject to me being able to change a prior commitment I would be delighted to join you all and bring my Tickford TA21 along

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