December puzzle

Peter Brown asks “Does anyone recognise the artist responsible for this drawing? It was bought recently as one of a set of four, the other three comprise two Rolls-Royce 25/30s and a Bentley 4.25 The signature ‘Mayfair’ may or may not refer to the coachbuilder. Do you have any clues? I bought the drawings from someone in Zimbabwe who said he purchased the set years ago at an auction locally. Tom Clarke, the R-R historian, thinks the artist is Laurence Fish but Fish’s widow disagrees.”

Talking of fine drawings we are always delighted when Tony Philips-Smith (aka APSLEY) features an

…also this month a new page Where are they now

and finally the Trustees wish all our Followers

Provence supermoon by David Regan

Author: alvisarchive

Established in 2002 by the Alvis Owner Club

9 thoughts on “December puzzle”

  1. Looks remarkably like the artist who did the drawings for lancefield, operating in the same part of north London; even the logos are similarly drawn; so one of our Gaisford cousins of lancefield may know the answer.

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  2. Season’s greetings. The front side lights look very Mayfair and I have a photo of a very similar Mayfair Speed 20 SC with distinctive pillarless two door body “in the flesh” so to speak. Can’t help with the artist but Mayfair were on the Edgware Road not a million miles from Lancefield so might they have commissioned Lancefield’s artist as well? N

  3. I’m pretty sure it is Mayfair Carriage – the give-away is the curious lip where the back of the roof meets the rear deck – a typical Mayfair feature.

  4. Ref the Speed 20. This was my Grandfather’s car which I believe my Father sold the car around the time I was born – I imagine the funds were more useful than the car at that point and my Father was much more interested in his Tourer. I believe the car was owned by a VSCC member into the ’70’s but this is a distant recollection. It would be nice to think having survived that long that at least parts of it might still be around. Prior to buying his Tourer (AXE 635) Dad had a 1934 SB saloon which had been fitted with a 5.2:1 diff. The subsequent owner did not account for that and over-worked it to the point that it ended its days at Clink’s place shortly afterwards. The engine from that car subsequently went into AXE.

  5. I don’t have any photos of a 4.3 Mayfair 2 door pillarless saloon. However, based on the following ad from The Autocar of 2 July 1937 there was at least one:
    1937 4.3 Litre chassis fitted with a very beautiful sports 2-door saloon by the Mayfair Carriage Co., pillarless type above waistline giving excellent visibility. Delivered January 1937. Very small mileage. Subject to makers guarantee. Cost £1,225, offered at £945. Charles Follett

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