It’s Showtime

Happy New Year !

A fine selection of Alvis cars are taking part in today’s London New Year’s Parade – click here for details.  The video is here.

Paddy Steel’s Fourteen Woodie in the 2018 Parade

Alvis TA21 Tickford – often the choice of stars of stage and screen, did you know that Superman owned one ? A note from Geoff Boxall, who now owns 25057, reminded us of the story of George Reeves who played Superman in the 1950s and died of a gun shot wound in 1959 at the age of 45.

In case you think Superman was played by Christopher Reeve, you would be right, but he was one of fourteen actors who played the character.

The mystery surrounding the death was the subject of another movie “Hollywoodland” and Wayne Brooks was instrumental in arranging for an appropriate car for the film. However, another press article forwarded by Geoff implies that the Reeves car was chassis 25019. Click here for the article.

Wayne writesThe Bob Doss TA21 is 25019, now with a Chevy V8 and other modifications.  Louis Panuse, a previous owner, told me he purchased the car from a used car lot in 1956.

George Keefer Brewer, later George Bessolo, aka George Reeves, the TV Superman, was murdered, or committed suicide, on 16 June 1959.  He reportedly still owned his TA21, identified as 25050, when he died.

On 3 March 2005, Glen Hughes, who identified
himself as a producer  of a film, starring Ben Affleck, about George Reeves, the TV Superman, being filmed in Ontario, inquired about the whereabouts of the George Reeves TA21.  At the time 25050 was in The Netherlands.  With the consent of Lorne Plunkett, I suggested he contact Lorne about using his TA21, 25057, since it was the TA21 drophead closest to the filming location.”
Lorne Plunkett’s car was duly chosen and he wrote of his experiences:

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