4.3 Litre Stories

Wayne Brooks has been busy adding to his website with the ever lengthening histories of this sought after model.

14832 Carlton Dhc 4.3 ALV 100 in the 2018 London New Year Parade

The four-three Alvis is one model that many consider superior to the contemporary Bentley and perhaps the only period during which Alvis and Bentley were in competition. However, as Tony Rudd, a Rolls-Royce apprentice engineer at that time, remarked on our gala dinner night on the 1991 Tour of Britain “Alvis didn’t make enough of them for Bentley to be worried”. On that evening Tony and his wife Pam had been chauffeured by Wayne from their home to the dinner at the Hotel Nelson in Norwich in the 4.3 tourer BSF 345, which now resides back in USA with a Bentley owner.

14810 4.3 Cross and Ellis tourer BSF 345 – Wayne receiving a bill of sale in 1990. This car was copied for the green Franklin Mint model with the unpainted bonnet.

Many prominent Bentley owners also own an Alvis or two. The post war cars were complementary to the Crewe products, offering coachbuilt quality cars of more modest dimensions. Park Ward were of course a Rolls-Royce owned company. Our Patron, Mike Dunn, became chief engineer at Crewe, responsible for the Turbo R development and was a consultant on the new Phantom after he retired.

Both Alvis and Bentley will be celebrating their centenaries in 2019 and we have been discussing inviting the best of both marques and other selected British marques to an exclusive event in June 2019 at Bowcliffe Hall, on the Friday and Saturday prior to International Alvis Day which is based in York.

If you are interested in showing your Alvis or Bentley, please leave a comment below with details of your car.

Click on 4.3 Stories to see Wayne’s site.


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9 thoughts on “4.3 Litre Stories”

  1. Nice article. As I have a couple of Alvis and a couple of Bentleys I thought I would reply but I’m not brilliant with computers and not sure how I can attach some photos.
    Please advise. Thank you.

    1. What a wonderful distraction from the outside world these stories offer. Many thanks to Wayne for collating these histories as a manageable work.

  2. I this where I ask you to count me in for a combined Alvis/Bentley day June 2019 ?
    Mike Hartley (speed 25 AWS 298, see Alvis stand at NEC 2017)

  3. John, Depending on the date I think it would be a good idea for FMP888 to be there 4.3 Concealed Vanden Plas drop head.

  4. It’s early days for CCE 980 but I’m hopeful that I will be able to join in. If unable with the 4.3 then we’ll spectate the festivities from the Grey Lady.

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