Where are you 671 HYK?

Do you know where this TD21 drophead is now? This London street photo was taken in 1989 by Coen van der Weiden. The now elderly owner of the car for some twenty years up to 1986 would like to see it again. Registered 671 HYK.

Author: alvisarchive

Established in 2002 by the Alvis Owner Club

4 thoughts on “Where are you 671 HYK?”

  1. Those were the days is this corner of cork street,?notice single yellow line.l still regularly drive one or other of my Alvis around London and quietly yern for the freedom of the late 1980’s when I would be be “alvising ” aboutand could often get away with short stops on the pavement,when shopping.no such luck nowadays,cameras double lines,bus and by cycle lanes all petroleum prosecuted with glee….I have also seen this marvellous car in Chelsea and in Mayfair,during the last few years ,last time full of young happy people,it tends to appear sensibly in the summer..Adam

  2. I inspected it for the owner in London in the mid ’90’s.
    Belonged to a partner in a London law firm in that area who uses it sparingly to drive to the office on fine days.

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