The 1000 mile trial visits Bowcliffe

Save the date – Thursday 19th April

Paul Chasney writes: The initial idea of the Run was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Federation (FBHVC).  While we were thinking about the structure of the Run, Practical Classics were restoring one of the last remaining Austin Westminster estates with the intention of auctioning it with proceeds going to the Lennox Children’s Charity.  We therefore came up with the idea of taking a small team around the country ending on Drive It Day covering 1000 miles as a homage to the 1000 Mile Trial which of course is the rally commemorated by Drive It Day.

During the planning for 2018 we have received support and encouragement for an apprentice focussed rally for 2019.  Essentially 2018 will be a trial for the main event in 2019 when we hope to have up to 10 teams of apprentices covering a 1000 mile route.  Clearly the run cannot be speed competitive but we plan to have competitive events at the stops – changing a tyre against the clock or some Alvis type gymkhana events.  All that is for 2019.

Clubs are invited to join in at the stops to take part in photoshoots and support the charity etc.

Taking part is the well known Paddy Steel Alvis Woodie making its first visit to Bowcliffe Hall.1000 Mile Reliability Run
Wednesday 18th April 8.30-10.00 Brooklands Start
10.00 to 12.00  74 miles to National Motor Museum
13.00 to 16.00  130 miles to JLR Classic
17.00 to 18.00   32 miles  – day total 236 miles
Overnight – Plough and Harrow, West Midlands, B16 8LS
Thursday 19th April
9.00 – 12.00 127 miles to Bowcliffe Hall (Wetherby)

Bring your Alvis to join others and take the opportunity to visit our Archive Office at Bowcliffe Hall. Please leave a comment below if you can make it.

13.30 to 15.30  77 miles to Angel of the North
16.30 to 18.30 74 miles – day total 278 miles;  514 so far
Overnight –  The White Swan, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1TD
Friday 20th April 9.00
9.00 to 11.30  107 miles to Queensferry Crossing
12.30 to 17.30 216 miles – day total 323;  837 so far
Overnight: Farrington Lodge, Preston, PR25 4QT
Saturday 21st April 9.00
9.00 to 12.00  140 miles to British Motor Museum, Gaydon,
14.00 to 14.30  11 miles to Rootes Archive,
16.30 to 17.00  19 miles – day total 170 miles; making 1007
Overnight: Chipping Campden, Charringworth Manor, GL55 6NS
Sunday 22nd April  7.00
07.00 to 08.00   39 miles to Bicester Heritage
16.00 to 18.00   65 miles – day total 104; making 1150
Overnight: Queen’s Head Inn, Nassington nr Stamford, PE8 6QB
Monday 23rd April
9.00 to 10.00   44 miles to Anglia Car Auctions, Kings Lynn

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