Alvis entries – Paris Amsterdam

Ab van Egmond’s Speed 25 special
Chris de Groot’s Speed 20 13058

Coen van der Weiden reports that some fifteen Alvis are entered in this continental rally organised by Bart Rietbergen (Alvis 4.3 Special owner) from 25th -28th April  …. click on  detailsChris de Groot “Last week my wife and I drove the Paris – Amsterdam rally in our Speed 20. A wonderful 3 day event, where our Speed 20 performed perfectly. It was our first major outing with the car. Enclosed a picture of us, finishing at De Haar Castle, in Haarzuilens.”

13058 Speed 20 SD formerly BER 441 came second in the rally

Paul Chasney has updated the post on the (un)Reliability Run with more photos. At least there is plenty of copy for Practical Classics future issues.

A Follower has enquired about AOC badges and in particular this one:

Do you have one the same as this? Believed to have been available in the late 1980s when the shield version had run out of stock and a new design similar to the Lagonda Club was adopted, but not liked







and a preview of the lapel badge soon to be available…


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7 thoughts on “Alvis entries – Paris Amsterdam”

  1. The oval badge became standard issue following suggestions that the previous ‘shield’ design was a little dated. Possibly 1980’s – not sure. The lapel badge is a copy of the first Alvis Car Club badge issued around 1937.

  2. I was running the regalia probably late 80s, the Lagonda shaped badge was made by Gladman and Norman in Birmingham, but it was felt that the traditional badge as used now was more suitable. So Gladman and Norman retooled to make it. Some time in the 80s, they retired from business and the current makers are not known to me. The original shield shaped badge was partly plastic on a painted background and didnt last well. That I think was the reason to change and I guess the tooling already existed for the Lagonda shape.

  3. Thanks to all for your informative comments. Nick why didn’t I think of asking you directly I wonder. Age, probably !
    may I ask Messrs Kay and Newby if the stamp on their elliptical badges contains an S at the end of Gladman? I suspected the authenticity of my specimen due to this S and the somewhat poor quality of the stamp itself. The current invocation of the company is “Gladman & Norman”. Regards, Alan Eggleton.

  4. I also have this badge on the front of my TC21/100 DHC. I also have on show two other types of Alvis Owner Club badges plus I have a second one of this type on show

    1. Jim I read your entry. IF you have an AOC elliptical badge freestanding as would appear to be so I’d be most grateful if you could inspect the stamp on it’s reverse to see whether or not the name Gladman has an S after it If so then my badge is genuine, if not mine is a fake. Cheers, Alan E.

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