2020 Vision

It is nearly seven years since we issued our first leaflet with a vision for 2020 and we have already achieved much of what we set out to do:

  • on 10th September 2018 the Alvis Archive Trust was registered as a charity, number 1179868
  • we have been resident at Bowcliffe Hall with the Collection since May 2017, open to visitors
  • the website has over 1,000 Followers from all over the world
  • our programme of digitisation continues to record more history from period photographs and films
  • we continue to receive donations of material and financial support
  • we continue to provide archive information to enquirers about Alvis products with the help of our Consultant Historians, Wayne Brooks and Dave Culshaw together with frequent items of news from Coen van der Weiden.

A new page Diary lists the events to look forward to in the coming months but in the near future look for the ALVIS sign with:

Wayne Brooks at AACA Hershey Meet, October 10-13, spaces CZ 24, 25, 26 in the South Chocolate Field and

Steve Horne at the Lancaster NEC Classic Car Show, November 9-11.

A new page Duxford 1989 has over 70 new photos of the 1989 International Alvis Weekend .

A new page Education and Training  reports on the Alvis course being held at Bicester today and tomorrow.

In September, following a request for a Parts Catalogue for the Speed 20 SB we discovered that it was not among the many items available to download for members of the AOC from http://www.alvisoc.org.

We have now added a scanned PDF version as the late Nick Walker had provided one from his collection. It is on the page Speed 20 SB


Nick Simpson has sent us a link to a video of his Speed 20 cruising in the Luberon, now added to the page Alflix



Additions have been made to the page Recent Donations

These include a Programme from 1939.

Several trophies have been donated by the current owners of the well known ARB 14 Ron Buck TA14 which are on their way to Bowcliffe.

The W O Bentley Memorial Fund has kindly sent some photos of Alvis in their collection two of which are known to still exist and their owners were pleased to receive copies. But where is the third one – click Speed 25?

11211 Speed 20 SB Vanden Plas – Rod Jolley
14800 FLY 803 4.3 Offord four door – these photos are black and white polaroids.

We were glad to have a caption on one of our photos challenged as it meant we received an up to date picture to add to the collection. Photo 2-74-1 has accordingly been reassigned to chassis 4013 thanks to scrutiny by Dave Culshaw and comparison with 2-76-4 which it is now alongside in the 1920s Album.

7407 12/50 DF 7352 Alvis Rally 2013






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Established in 2002 by the Alvis Owner Club

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