PGY 3E – where are you now?

The black Graber dhc which had been parked by the kerbside for close on an hour was discovered on the return of its owner to be in the custody of not one but two traffic wardens. “This yours, then?” queried the taller somewhat curtly, his right hand moving, it seemed, almost imperceptibly towards his top pocket.  Suppressing a strong desire to deny any association with the vehicle, the accused reluctantly admitted ownership.  He was more than a little startled by the warmth of the rejoinder, “Lovely cars, them. I can well remember my boss buying one about ten years ago. Just like this one, it was.”

The speaker examined the car more closely.  “Actually his was a golden sand convertible with automatic transmission, and it was the single headlamp model. He imported it from the Continent and sent me over to Heathrow to pay the import duty – nigh on £600 – and to drive it home for him.  He’d just bought it from James Mason.”

The far-away gleam faded slowly from his eye.  “Ah well, we’d better get on.  Mind how you go, sir.”  From an obscure corner of the AOC Bulletin 302, April 1979 – for more of this story click on Where are they now?

Now we have catalogued the Ken Cameron collection the TE21 page has been updated to include the Lucas parts lists for this model and the TF21. If you own a TE or TF and would like a pdf copy of the list please leave a comment.

Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

One thought on “PGY 3E”

  1. From the Nick Greganio Photo collection I am interested in picture number 11065 because I own that Cross and Ellis body now mounted on a 12/60 chassis I am interested in any further pictures of this car and how I could get a copy of this picture to print

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