Speed 25 and Graber updates

Following feedback from the last post the Speed 25 page has been updated with more information. We have determined there are probably 55 remaining Charlesworth saloons, and that saloon bodies continue to be discarded in favour of specials or replica open coachwork.

The Graber  page has been refreshed with some more photos.

Click on the links to open the pages.

Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

3 thoughts on “Speed 25 and Graber updates”

  1. Good day, and thank you for this splendid site. But I have not found anywhere here mention of the Rob and Ann Gunnell adventure with Smokey in 1960. I have this week written to the VSCC, Register and AOC on this subject in the hope of amassing interest in a reprint of “An Alvis Motoring Adventure”

  2. I see that your register does not show information on my Speed 25, so you may be interested in the details of my car. It is a Speed25 SB chassis no 14423, car number 18900.
    Registration no BZ 22.222.
    Engine no 14836 (original engine 14886 was apparently replaced by the factory with a reconditioned engine in 1956).
    The car was manufactured in 1937 for export (speedometer in kms and oil pressure gauge in kg pr. sqcm but still RHD) and then bodied by Offord & sons as a DHC. It still carries this body today and is largely original (minor reversable modifications being made to facilitate driving) and the cylinderhead was corroded and replaced with an aluminium cylinderhead in 2008. I still have the original. The car has had two family owners from new (the original owner and his nephew and the third owner and his son). I am therefore the fifth registered owner in its 83 year history. Its history from new is well documented.
    I hope you find the above information useful.
    Kind regards
    Jens Roder

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