Open Day at Bowcliffe

On Wednesday 4th March we shall be open to visitors once again with the opportunity to lunch in the Drivers Club at Bowcliffe. After lunch we shall be holding our first AGM as a charity. If you would like to come along or receive a copy of the annual report please leave a reply in the box below. Prior booking for lunch is required.

A coupe of mid-fifties photos have been sent in for news of their whereabouts. Firstly, this one is not in our records….

Do you have any information on this car? Registration AND 45

This one we could identify and confirm its survival…

Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

3 thoughts on “Open Day at Bowcliffe”

  1. AND 45 should be a 1934 issue, and the car looks like a Firefly with Cross & Ellis “4 seater” body (modified, as it appears to have no running boards), but the registration number is not in my register.

  2. DJC thinks a prime candidate is Firefly chassis 11459 despatched to Henly’s, Manchester 14th February 1934, and then sold to one Basil Thompstone Rowe, who resided at ‘Dunoon’ , Wilbraham Road, Manchester 16.

    1. I agree. This is a Manchester registration, and the only other 4 seater sold by Henlys in 1934 already has a registration number linked to it. Thanks Dave. My register has no information on this car after it left the factory.

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