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With news that many planned events continue to be cancelled or postponed, including IAW in Scotland, there was good news from Manfred Fleischmann that the Frankfurt Exhibition is being extended for the whole of 2021 so a visit may be possible later in the year if the “roadmap” doesn’t fly out of the window.

The previous post prompted a response from member Adam Gilchrist:

 I know it is a bit of a hot potato but sometimes the elephant in the room is worth considering! I would like to address more than just the issue regarding out of date membership lists and touch on the tricky subject of useage of ours cars from a regular Alvis user’s point of view.
Are these lovingly produced editions relevant now or just a reminder of a proud and beautiful past?
It is, I hope, of interest to note that not all clubs have discontinued the useful guide to membership and also individual model lists.
The model lists which sadly are now mostly nearly a quarter of a century out of date have and were always a great thing for a member to own.  Not only did they let owners  easily get in touch with other owners of similar vehicles, they also were invaluable if purchasing a car to give knowledge of previous custodians who often could be contacted to ask relevant questions pre a possible lucky acquisition of a ‘new’ Alvis car.
Personally, I used to take great pleasure after taking a glimpse of another Alvis on the road to look up its and its owner’s details.  Sadly, chance meetings when travelling around the UK these days see less cars on the road.  Are The Home Counties and the North West of England a desert, no I don’t think so.  As we members get older in relation to our cars, the cars are ageing at the same rate. so they are not really that old are they!
January and February are bitter months and no friend to rust prone metal and possibly a little taxing on aged windscreen wipers, so there is a good excuse to let the Alvis stay in the garage.  In the summer I love driving the Alvis to London and also to Lancashire.  Although I am sure that there are more cars in the south, I seem to be more likely to have a chance sighting on my visits to the North West. 
Is the lack of random Alvis sighting something to do with the age of the owners?  In later years of life it is easier to climb into the German tank!  Does this behaviour make the club lists and more importantly the detailed model lists irrelevant?
Is it a question of cost in which case, could lists be printed by subscription well isn’t that part of our membership fees?
Other clubs are, as you can see, in the attached illustration are still happy to commit to print and in most cases see it as an aid to increasing confidence and membership numbers.

So is print just a romantic notion of a quality of life now by and large lost to all members or is it relevant to a prospering and rejuvenating active club?
As the part owner of a London newspaper I think print is by and large here to stay.

AOC members can request a members list in pdf format from Richard Long which is an A4 landscape alphabetical list of members with addresses, contact numbers and emails and a supplementary list of member numbers with names. It is designed to be unfriendly to print out.

The Register sought consent from members to publish their members list with all details, including cars owned and cross referenced lists.

Adam is a serial TF21 owner, so we have updated the basic Model Register and is now available at the bottom of the TF21 page to download.

Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

7 thoughts on “Members write”

    1. I am sure that the confidentiality gurus never intended that private clubs and societies made up of people of similar interests and paid for the privilege could not circulate the members’ details to each other. It’s madness to stop us from interacting between each other, after all we own an Alvis and are interested in each other’s ownership, problems and ideas otherwise why be a member? Why not send a notification to every member saying you are going to distribute the members’ list with names and contact numbers plus the car details and say “if we don’t hear from you by xxx. we will assume that you have no objections”. I am sure it could revive a flagging membership and encourage meetings and contacts to be made / revived.

      1. I’m not an Alvis owner, but am certainly an admirer. That’s why I subscribe to this newsletter. Privacy of others is a touchy subject. While your approach: “if we don’t hear from you by xxx. we will assume that you have no objections” may be alright in the UK, I’d be surprised if it passed the privacy laws of all the States here in Australia. You need a positive approval, not an assumed one.

  1. I fully agree with the above comments. I am also in the Alvis register and a new full membership list was issued to members in 2019. The Riley register (pre-war Rileys only ) is currently updating its members details and car details with a view to issuing a new membership list. We all signed the necessary GDPR box on form for this. Lists include all car details etc. I think the AOC should re-introduce a fully detailed membership list.

  2. Hi Folks,

    Does anyone have any information on the Cross & Ellis Speed 20 tourer that was once owned by the late Mike O’Callaghan. I believe it had an ENV pre-selector gearbox, or as Mike used to call it, a ‘self-confusing gearbox’ Lovely car which was still under restoration when I last saw it.

    TTFN – 007

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