2016 International Alvis Weekend

For once we were pleased the forecasters got it wrong and the threatened rain was limited to a quick shower on Sunday at 5pm on the way out of Wroxall Abbey Estate. Over 120 Alvis came to the final Midland Section hosted event a few miles west of Kenilworth. Fourteens were on parade celebrating their 70th Anniversary and TF21s joined in with their 50th including two Grabers

Alan Stote’s 1966 TF21 Graber coupe
DSCF8338 (2)
Paul Chasney’s 1966 TF21 Graber


DSCF8313 (2)
David Salter’s prize winning Fourteen Duncan
Derek Tourle’s 1927 12/50 TG Thorn Bodies Shooting Brake
DSCF8300 (2)
Mike Wilson’s prize winning TB21
DSCF8298 (2)
Andrew Broughton’s 1932 12/60 Cross & Ellis 4 seater
DSCF8297 (2)
Mark Hayward’s 1928 FD front whhel drive Le Mans replic
DSCF8308 (2)
Wroxall Abbey adorned with Alvis