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The Lancaster NEC Classic Motor Show 2016

The Alvis Owner Club Stand this year supports the Show’s theme “Heroes” by featuring two of the cars of Douglas Bader. The show runs from November 11 – 13 (Friday-Sunday)

Bader lost his legs in 1931 then rejoined the air force in October 1939 and was declared fit to fly in February 1940 after war had broken out.

In August 1941 he was shot down in France and was a prisoner of war in Germany where he escaped and recaptured and then transferred to Colditz. This story was documented by military historian Mark Felton in a  book called “Zero Night”

Douglas Bader started owning Alvis Cars with a 1954 TC21/100 Drop Head Coupe (DHC), the “Grey Lady” with Manumatic transmission.bull-435-bader

Next were two TD21 dropheads before moving on to his final TE21 DHC which is also  on show.

Bader's last Alvis
Bader’s last Alvis

Douglas Bader was not shy of adventure, so the fact that he stuck with Alvis cars until well after the end of their production, is testimony to their quality and performance.

He was also a member of the AOC and appeared at the 1972 National Alvis Day at Crystal Palace where he led the cavalcade with J.J. Parkes, who was Chairman and Managing Director of Alvis Limited from 1946 to 1973.bader-1972-bulletin

For more Bader photos click on Bader

Also on show – a 1958 Graber TC108G first owned by Madame Ceppi of Leon Frésard S.A. of Bossecourt in Switzerland who made presentation boxes for watches. She part-exchanged it for a Graber TF21  in 1966.720-25930-281016The display includes two Speed 20s, a Charlesworth drophead and a Vanden Plas 2-door saloon.2016-nec-12016-nec-2-22016-nec-aat-smallNEC photos by Paddy Steel