September 1967

Fifty years ago the AOC Bulletin recorded that Alvis were no longer making cars and prompted some crystal ball gazing. Would you like to comment on how you see the role of Alvis cars in 2040?

Will anyone be allowed to drive?

Will we be allowed to drive an Alvis?

Will there be any fuel for an Alvis?

Will anyone want to drive an Alvis?

Will we be fitting electric motors to our cars?

What other questions should we be asking?

The article below appeared in the Birmingham Post on 29th July 1967


Cmdr. Clinkard boarding Equipe Maritime, taken by Wayne Brooks in June 1968 at a pub stop on the way back from Snetterton. “David and Peggy Van Schaick are in the black 4.3 saloon 13185, LNJ 881. I left the door open when I got out to take the photo. The blue 4.3 drophead is 14316, DYW 68, then with Ed Norris.”