We hold a selection of films featuring Alvis cars and vehicles, old and new, in various formats. A recent acquisition is a Standard 8mm colour film from 1970 which has simply been rerecorded using a digital camcorder to see what it contains.

National Alvis Day 1970 at Crystal Palace filmed by N A Taylor and John Hayes

There are ten minutes in total. The first two minutes are not very clear but perhaps you can identify some of the cars in the cavalcade:

Parts two and three of National Alvis Day 1970 at Crystal Palace are here featuring a 1926 12/50 YM 9785, a 1927 12/50 TX 2177 and “Persil” the 1931 12/60 TM 9057:

Part 3 includes KD 3452, a 1929 Silver Eagle YC 5513, PJ 3915 and Persil again.

and the final part starring Rod Jolley

We have added some films to other Pages – a fairly new one, thanks to Anthony McGarel-Groves, so easily recorded on a smart phone, which now also appears on the Speed 25 page

Another short extract of a film is now included on the Graber page of Mike Dunn, our Patron, speaking about his involvement with Herr Graber in 1955.

If you have any old Alvis films that haven’t been seen for a while, why not dust them off and send them to us?

We are also seeking a Standard 8mm projector in working order for the archives.