Collections Policy

Our formal Collections Policy is as follows:

Acquiring items

All donated items will be accepted unless:

  1. The item duplicates something already held and no permission is given for it to be disposed of at the Trustees’ discretion
  2. There is insufficient storage space
  3. There is only a tenuous connection to Alvis

Items will only be purchased if:

  1. In the opinion of the Trustees the purchase price is reasonable, and
  2. Sufficient funds are available or pledged by Friends to make the purchase without risking the viability of the Trust’s future activities, and
  3. It is essential to recording the history of Alvis

Disposing of an accessioned artefact will only be made if

  • The donor has given permission for its disposal,
  • it is possible to trade it in order to acquire a superior specimen, or
  • it cannot be kept safely (in which case it is expected that it should be passed to another museum with more suitable resources).

We will ask potential donors to sign an Entry Form stating their expectations or requirements including whether they may be sent on loan to a suitable museum to allow for proper preservation, security and enhanced public access. However, since the donation may be made by Executors it is advisable for donors to be as specific as possible as to what is to be included and whether it may be disposed of.


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