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100 Years of ALVIS ( formerly T.G. John Ltd. *)

This Centenary is celebrated by ALVIS OWNERS and their Clubs all over the world. “Crossing Borders” has made a contribution to the celebrations by a unique Project by displaying the ALVIS in a Permanent Exhibition during February 2020 – February 2021 in the Centre of Germany in the Car museum CENTRAL GARAGE at Oberursel ( close to Frankfurt )

Central Garage Bad-Homburg

*On 19th March in 1919 T.G. John purchased Holley Brothers Co. Ltd. of 17, Hertford Street, Coventry and changed the name in T.G. John & Co. Ltd. This Company was renamed The Alvis Car & Engineering Co. Ltd. on December 14th 1921.

We like to display the range of ALVIS car models from 1920 10/30 – 1967 TF 21….

with back drops and literature to describe:

ALVIS developments: all synchromesh gearbox, front-wheel-drive, Alvis patents, aero engines, armoured vehicles

The history of the brand, including the men behind the name, T.G. John, G.P.H. de Freville, G.T. Smith-Clarke, W.M. Dunn, Mike Dunn, A. F. Varney, J.J. Parkes, Alec Issigonis, G.H. Tattersall;

racing History; advertising ALVIS; brochures, videos, reports in magazines

Alvis Coachbuilders; Carbodies,  Charlesworth, Cross & Ellis, Graber,  Mayfair,  Mulliners, Park Ward, Vanden Plas, and many others

The Alvis Archive Trust;

Alvis Car Clubs; Alvis Owner Club, Alvis Register, Alvis Owner Club Netherlands, Alvis Car Club of Victoria, Alvis Car Club of New Zealand, Crossing Borders, Graber Freunde

ALVIS Model cars

Manfred Fleischmann

Crossing Borders

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