Speed 20 SC / SD

Following the Speed 20 SA and Speed 20 SB the SC and SD models were introduced:

The following galleries contain production data of the Speed 20 types SC and SD from the Model Registers published in the 1980s. Click on any photo to start a gallery.

The Speed 20 SC Gallery (289 built)

The Speed 20 SD Gallery (149 built)

13313 Speed 20 SD Charlesworth BWK 779 – July 2021

To view registers of cars as they were new click

The 3½ Litre or Model SA25.63 has its own page, click here  The 3½ litre introduced at the 1935 Motor Show for the 1936 season.  The chassis was effectively an Speed 20 SD stretched to 10′ 7″ wheelbase but retaining the Speed 20 SD back springs (which were lengthened by a foot when the Speed 25 came along) and adding a solid floor plate filling the area between the gearbox and the batteries.

The engine (later used for the Speed 25) similarly looks like a stretched Speed 20 unit, with a 7-bearing crank, looking back to that model by not having a thermostat and bypass.

The Speed 25 has its own page, click on Speed 25

17 thoughts on “Speed 20 SC / SD”

  1. My father was the owner of AYH577 in the 1950’s.A Lancefield Parallite Saloon. (one off I beleive) Chassis number was 11263.If any one has any information on this car I would be really gratefull)

    1. The Speed 20SB Master Database contains some photographs of this unique Alvis and two interesting letters. One, dated 17/12/84, is from the son of the first owner, Mr Joseph Lister, while the other, dated 17/5/94, is from David Sweetman’s father Mr T. McC Sweetman, who states that he sold the car in 1952. Unfortunately the vehicle has not been seen or heard of since the late 50s/early 60s and there is circumstantial evidence (its engine appeared in another car) that it was broken up about that time.
      The late Nick Walker wrote about the car and the detective work behind its identification in an article in Bulletin No 450 March/April 1998.

  2. Dear Peter Sedgwick, My 1934 Speed Twenty SB will be on the road very soon. Can you send me the details of how I can add it to the Speed Twenty Registry?

  3. I was amazed to see the pic of me and GY 3986 SA Speed 20. It must have been taken at Perton Sprint in the mid 70 ‘s. GY was my first Speed model after several 12/50’s and my late wife Sue and I toured Cornwall in it in company with the late David James and his wife accompanied by children and my black Lab Wellington. Great days.

  4. Hello, has anyone got any record of a speed 25 EYP 931, chassis 19492, engine no. 15064. It was owned by my grandfather in the 50’s in Cornwall and I’m curious if it is still around. Thanks

    1. I show Speed 25 SC Charlesworth 14485 Drophead Coupé, chassis 14580, engine 15064, car 19492, EYP 331, despatrched from the Alvis Works on 18 May 1938, with AOC member 1700 SW, Capt. E. G. Pilgrim, Park House, Tregony, Cornwall in the late 1950s. The following ad appeared in AOC Bulletin 86, September 1960: 1938 Speed 25 drophead by Charlesworth in original turquoise and black. New silencer and 4 new tyres. Purchaser should have £50 to spare for new hood and minor renovations: the old lady deserves it. £100 o.n.o. Pilgrim, Park House, Tregony, Cornwall.
      Unfortunately, I have no information since. Wayne Brooks, waynealvis@aol.com

  5. I am trying to trace my fathers Alvis speed 20 SC Reg no ARB849 chassis 11928. was maroon with cycle wings. last believed to have been exported to USA in late 1980’s – any information please?

  6. Re SC20 11926 caption above:- I was mistaken – the correct Follett SC20 sports was 11960/BLX272.

  7. My late Dad was a previous owner of the Speed 20 DHC – CLT 472 which he lovingly restored almost 20 yrs ago now. I remember he had to seek approval from Alvis that the paint he wanted to use was an exact match, amongst other precious memories. This car was always his pride and joy, even when he sold it. I’d love to know where it is now and i’m sure it is someone else’s pride & joy now.

    1. Our records show George McManus as an AOC member from 2005 and at least two further owners since then, the last known one in 2017 in Hertfordshire but not a current member.

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