Grabers at the Pantheon

Last October the Pantheon in Basel hosted a special exhibition of Graber’s works which was intended to run until April, but Covid-19 has meant that it will continue until October. Thanks to Ralph and Walter Schwarz we have a selection of photos from the impressive display.

Based on a Graber design, this TF21 was built by Mulliner Park Ward, chassis number as yet unknown
The last Alvis made, the sole Graber TF21 cabriolet, chassis 27475
1954 TC21/100 cabriolet, chassis 25513
Hermann Graber’s personal car, 1953 TC21 coupe, chassis 25384
One of two four door 1963 TE21 Grabers, chassis 27031
1961 TD21 Series 1, chassis 26640
1958 TC108G cabriolet, owned for 48 years (1969-2017) by Ralph Schwarz
Known as “The Old Smuggler” the car had 164,701km on the clock when he bought it.
When it was sold in 2017 it had silver grey paint and black leather
Thie first owner kept the car for three years. Pierre Rieben then bought it before changing it for a new Graber in 1961 so owner three bought it in 1963 with 89,000km on the clock, keeping it a further five years and up to 149,600km
A newly made buck for the exhibition by Werner Haas
Herr Graber awaits…
Thank you Ralph {and Walter for this one)


The swiss website Zwischengas had an article on the newly opened Pantheon Exhibition which includes several Graber Alvis cars and 60 photos.

There is a translate button with a union jack.

“If you build it, they will come”

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