Speed 20 SB

The following gallery contains production data of the Speed 20 SB from the Model Register published in the 1980s. Click on any photo to start the gallery.

The Speed 20 SB Gallery (375 built 1933-4)

To view registers of cars as they were new click

You can read about BOL 229 here – The Story of 10876
When cleaning off the underside of the bonnet during restoration the ghostly figures 10876 grinned through the under bonnet grime. Here is a photo of the numbers cleaned off and again linking the precious bonnet to its chassis. You will note that these were painted freehand by the Alvis fitter in 1933.

The SC and SD Speed 20 followed – see Speed 20 SC SD

The 3½ Litre or Model SA25.63 has its own page, click here  The 3½ litre introduced at the 1935 Motor Show for the 1936 season.  The chassis was effectively an Speed 20 SD stretched to 10′ 7″ wheelbase but retaining the Speed 20 SD back springs (which were lengthened by a foot when the Speed 25 came along) and adding a solid floor plate filling the area between the gearbox and the batteries.

The engine (later used for the Speed 25) similarly looks like a stretched Speed 20 unit, with a 7-bearing crank, looking back to that model by not having a thermostat and bypass.

The Speed 25 has its own page, click on Speed 25

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