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16 thoughts on “CONTACT US”

  1. Hi I worked on the Hunting Engineering project team that was brought in to run the MPWS bid for the USMC in 1982/3 while Alvis were heavily committed to the LAV bid for the US Army. Am I right in thinking that we would have been based at the factory in Holyhead Road? Also is there any of the footage of the candidacy demonstration in the archive. This was shot by the Hunting photographic team under my direction, as I was the Candidacy Demonstration Engineer.

  2. Alvis TD 21 chassis 26741, Reg 8279RW, ex Late Ted Halliday, is currently in Devon under restoration, which may be completed in a further 2 years. Car is not licensed or MOT’d, but Sorn’d. Privacy respected please.

  3. I have a number of Alvis related photos (b/w) negs & scanned. These were taken I believe 1970 or so. at I believe Shelsey Walsh. Is there somewhere I can send them

    1. Good afternoon,
      My name is Kevin Richmond and I manage The Alvis Register Spares scheme.
      An ex colleague has given me 100 slides of a TA14 woody. The car exists but contact with the owner has been lost.
      Do you want these slides and if so who do I post the to.

      1. Hello Kevin, thank you for getting touch. Do you know the chassis and/or registration numbers as we may have a record of the owner. Ina any case we would be happy to receive the slides. I will email you the address separately.

  4. Out of interest, I have Two Alvis TA21’s. One Chassis number 24135 – reg : LNX 280. + One – Chassis number 24960 – reg SBB 520. Have had them for a number YEARS (about 40) am trying to restore the former. Trying to ascertain the type of wood used in the interior window frames. Don’t know if you have any information that might be of help. Dash has been veneered.

  5. ?B 3953 Silverv Eagle in latest newsletter. I’ve no news on this but I’m sure I can detect a slight trace of a letter which reaches the top right extremeties of the previous letter space. I searched through Noel Woodall’s Car Numbers 1986 book and wondered how the numbers were allocated. TB 3959 is a 1910 Burrell Traction Engine of F. Pennett & Son, Farsley Iron Works.
    Good luck, it’s very interesting.

  6. Hi, I have an original pic of my car (an MGA… apologies!) on the starting grid at Goodwood for a BARC Members Meeting in 1956, and on pole is Alvis ELL477. Anyone interested?

  7. My uncle bought an Alvis Shooting brake in 1959 for £25 . It sat in a garage until the mid 90s I think. Then it was sold by my cousin to a Mr Skinner an Alvis club member she thought . I’d like to know where it’s ended up . The reg was JK2121 and the body was built by Wood and Picket according to my uncle. I believe I was a 12/50 from 1931. I will try to find the one photo I have of it taken in the 80s.

  8. Hi in turning out a lot of old paperwork I’ve come across a bundle of service bills and provenance for an Alvis registration number 6054VC. I’m sure this paperwork would be of great interest to the current owner if the car still exists.
    If from your records you were able to put me in contact with the current owner or make a suggestion as paperwork like this should not go to the incinerator it’s far too valuable.

    Many thanks Nigel Place. (07956) 594154

  9. Hello! In the 1960s, my father owned an Alvis Firefly (I believe 1933) of which I have photographs, front, rear, and side. I would very much like to share them and would appreciate if someone would let me know how to submit photographs to this amazing website. The number plate was JU 2128. Thank you, and best wishes. Simon Smalley.

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