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5 thoughts on “CONTACT US”

  1. Hi I worked on the Hunting Engineering project team that was brought in to run the MPWS bid for the USMC in 1982/3 while Alvis were heavily committed to the LAV bid for the US Army. Am I right in thinking that we would have been based at the factory in Holyhead Road? Also is there any of the footage of the candidacy demonstration in the archive. This was shot by the Hunting photographic team under my direction, as I was the Candidacy Demonstration Engineer.

  2. Alvis TD 21 chassis 26741, Reg 8279RW, ex Late Ted Halliday, is currently in Devon under restoration, which may be completed in a further 2 years. Car is not licensed or MOT’d, but Sorn’d. Privacy respected please.

  3. I have a number of Alvis related photos (b/w) negs & scanned. These were taken I believe 1970 or so. at I believe Shelsey Walsh. Is there somewhere I can send them

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