2022 Greenwich Concours

Wayne Brooks was invited and attended the Greenwich Concours,  30 miles from the heart of New York City and overlooking the Long Island Sound. The backdrop is Greenwich Harbor. The Concours d’Elegance, held on Sunday 5th June, is the climax of the three days event. Wayne writes:

Last year I was contacted by long time acquaintance and former Alvis owner (TD21 26825, MF 61) Nigel Matthews, the Global Brand Ambassador for Hagerty Insurance.  Nigel told me Hagerty now owns the Greenwich Concours and he would be assistant Chief Judge.  He was considering an Alvis class.  Asked me for information on Alvis in North America that might be candidates for the concours.

I provided information on and photos of forty odd Alvis in condition for inclusion in a concours whose owners might be interested in attending.  As a result, he decided to have an Alvis class this year.

Rich Taylor, who has been involved with the Greenwich Concours since the first one, contacted the owners and selected the cars.

Hagerty asked for eight Alvis, we had eight Alvis: Click on the first photo to start the gallery….


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