The new post war Three Litre chassis with independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes which succeeded the Fourteen model in 1950
The new Alvis six cylinder ohv engine of 2,993 cc and four speed Alvis gearbox
The Mulliners saloon body
24831 This photo was sent in by Ron Dustow who owns this Freeman Sanders Diesel. “I am the third owner Mr Sanders Mr Lister and me for many years. The car has covered 14000 mls yes 14000 mls dry stored from new runs well. I live in Hayle Cwll.”

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25330 dash

Of the 1003 Mulliners saloons, two were Special developments with different windscreens. One had a split screen very much like the early Morris Minor and the other, SP689 on chassis 25330 had a curved windscreen. The split screen version has long been lost but the curved windscreen example survives. It also has a unique dashboard.

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Chris Harding offered a link to his TA21 restoration….in Dubai, here

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38 thoughts on “TA21”

  1. Excellent information. Thanks for the efforts. I am sure I will be asking for information support in the future. Alan

  2. Is it possible to drop pictures on this response forum? I have a picture of a TA-21 sleeping in the cold and snow I would share. Alan

  3. I have recently purchased, in New Zealand, a 1953 TA21 DHC. I do not have any tangible history on the car. It is in excellent condition and drives exceptionally well.
    If I provide engine and chassis numbers are you able to provide some background? I would also like to know if the numbers are matching.
    Arthur Green

  4. I have a 1953 TA21 DHC I purchased from a salvage yard in Pueblo, CO. Car number is 24803.
    Do you know how many DHC’s were delivered to Cavalier Motors in L.A.? They took delivery July 22, 1952.
    Thanks for any info you can provide.

  5. Hello Murk, Are you located in Colorado? How good or bad is your new 1953 TA21 DHC? I may have some body parts, if your Alvis may be in need. Not very many of we Alvis owners here in the Mountain West. I am in Utah,

      1. Hello Murk,
        Yes I have some spare items from a TA-21 project I have going. What are you looking for? Are you located in the western USA?
        Alan Dewsnup

      2. I am missing front fender braces, also do you have any access to bumpers or a replacement bumper close to the original?

  6. Can anyone please provide any information on the existence or fate of a TA21 previously owned by my family in the 1960’s? It was a 1952 Drophead with UK registration number BHC 300, chassis number 24721. The car was two tone blue very similar to chassis number 25107 a photo of which is shown on this website. Any information gratefully received.

  7. Malcolm, I’ve a lot of data about my TA21 (No.24554, Reg MUU 450) concerning mileages and past owners – and a few gaps too. If the data is of interest, let me know and I’ll pass it on.

    1. Hi Colin.
      Nice to hear from you and a happy New Year. I am always interested to have any detailed information about any TA21. So thanks. Please send information that you have to my email address malcolmkindell@gmail.com
      I am happy to share with you any information that I might have which you do not.

    2. Dear Colin, I’m not absolutely certain, but I think I knew this Three Litre in the 1960’s as it may have lived not far from me between Leamington Spa and Coventry. Rev. Gleave?

      Nick Simpson.
      Technical Advisor, AOC.

  8. Hello, I´m restoring a TD 21 and because it will still need a bit I ´m looking for an other car. So I found an Alvis TA21 Special offered at brightwells classic. Do you know the car? I would like to buy the car, if possible without auction.
    So if you have any information, please contact me.
    Thanks a lot
    Andreas Mueller von Postel

      1. mgg 864 new it was with glasgow ship services may 54 then to W R ANNAN printers edinburgh oct 54 for some reason the rear wings was fiberglassed over the steel wings wheel arches was made smaller and colour change in 1965

  9. Do you know of TA21 MXM982? It’s for sale on facebook marketplace as a barn find in Bishops Stortford. Light blue, brown interior and certainly looks worth saving for someone with the skill (and money!).

  10. Hello Malcolm, You may have heard from Dave Culshaw, but prototype 3L3 is now living with me in The Netherlands.It has two stable mates , a TA21DHC ( which you have seen as we met once in the UK when visiting William Morris’s house with the local Alvis club) and a TA 14 special with 3 litre engine . so I have now two TA 14 chassis with 3 litre engines !! . 3L3 is having a sympathetic restoration !!

    1. Hello Chavella, All we have is that the car was sent by Alvis, Ltd. on 23.1.53. to Cavalier Motors, Los Angeles. Tickford 20256 Dhc Black & Ivory. We have no record of owners since then. Can you tell us more?

      1. My grandfather was in the first battalion of blacks allowed in the Marines he purchased after WWII and gave it to my dad in 97 who gave it to me in 2013

  11. Hi
    My father owned SPL 217 from about 1953 to about 1961 and did 24,000 miles a year in it, so it probably hasn’t survived. Black saloon, supplied new by Weybridge Automobiles with flamethrower fog lights but no wing mirrors. I’ll see if I can find a pic. He wanted to get a Graber after that, but my mother said that she couldn’t wear a hat in the back (unlike in the TA21).

  12. Like to join this forum but found the google process beyond me.
    Any simpler methods as the old forum was .
    John Speight AOC Mem 9946

  13. I own TA21 , PAF163 the Diesel freeman Sanders Dry stored from new 14500 mls only . Possibly for sale ro

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