Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle spanned the years 1927-1936 and according to the Model Register number 21 of July 1995 some 2690 examples were produced. Here are just some of them:

August 2019

12719 SG Silver Eagle 1936 Cross & Ellis tourer CUM 616

March 2018 Silver Eagle of the month

8256 Lex Westoby’s 1930 TB Carbodies Sports Saloon in New Zealand

(added January 2018)

12200 Silver Eagle SG Cross & Ellis, 1934, originally BLL 731, now in Düsseldorf, suitably registered
12200 Silver Eagle SG
8659 VU 2446 Police car – with a bald tyre
8659 VU 2446 from 1931
8312 RX 7272 1930 Cross & Ellis Clubmans coupe
13389 The late Ernie Constable – Alvis Silver Eagle special on the 2000 USA Tour

Ernie Constable’s 1935 Silver Eagle SG Special tourer – chassis number 13389

This car was restored by Ernie over 20 years ago as a retirement project with his own-designed lightweight fabric body, which gives the car a good turn of speed; always well maintained and a regular participant in local  AOC and VSCC events and AOC Internationals, and the 2000 USA Tour. A winner of many Specials Class awards.

13389 YS 5691 at East Anglia Day 2014

From AOC Bulletin 415 in April 1994