Club Motul

Motul have made a serious commitment to the historic vehicle movement in Europe and the US. A link with FBHVC is the first step to proving their support for the historic vehicle movement in the UK.

They offer a range of engine oils and fuel additives designed for all ages of cars and offer 15% discount on purchases to Followers. From 1st June 2023 they have switched from the login system to an offer code system for members to use to get their membership discount.

This will entitle members to the same 15% discount they received as part of the login pages but an offer code will be used at the checkout once items have been added to the basket and before payment.


The benefit to the Trust is receipt of 5% of the discount you receive. So if you like their products, you benefit and the Trust benefits. Motul is still a privately owned company and they do not have to focus on ever increasing profits to satisfy ‘the City’ – you can read about their long history on their website.

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