Where are they now?

26766 PGY 3E Mason via CvD
Coen van der Weiden found this photo in German magazine: MARKT. Klassische Automobile und Motorräder. September 1991, page 237

Thanks to the TD21 team of sleuths, we know that one of the TD21 dropheads on the “celebrity” list was a metallic beige Series II with green leather and left hand drive, exported to Hollywood on export plates 1004 WK. The owner was no stranger to Alvis having reportedly owned a TB14 . Born in Huddersfield in 1909, James Mason had just enjoyed another film success, “Lolita” and took delivery of his TD in July 1962.

One of our spotters just happened to glimpse the 1970 film “The Severed Head” which features what appears to be the James Mason car with the plate PGY3E.

The only other reference we have to the car is in AOC Bulletin 391, March 1991, Ad: “ALVIS BUILT FOR JAMES MASON 1962 TD21 Series II Drop Head Coupé – left hand drive. Originally built to this specification for film star James Mason. This car is in superb order throughout, having been thoroughly refurbished by Red Triangle over the past year.” Where is it now? See also 14 Celebrity Cars