I talked to your good people at the Classic Car Show (NEC) about an Alvis Speed 20 owned by my father.
I attach a couple of photos of the car, taken from an Isle of Man Tourist Board film made in the late 50’s or early 60’s. It had, I understand, raced on the Island before WWII – perhaps in the Mannin Beg race/s ? It carried the registration JMN 849. I would be very interested indeed to hear if you have any knowledge of the car.
Best regards Peter Standen

One thought on “P1040542R”

  1. Hi Peter,
    We have done a search through the register of the existing SA Speed 20s & can find no reference to your father’s car unfortunately. It may have been re registered on the Isle of Man & then again after being sold, so it may well still exist. We need to discover its chassis or car number to confirm if it still exists or not. There are only 7 missing SA Speed 20s with the spoerts tourer body by Cross & Ellis like your farthers car so there is a good chance it is one of the survivors. If any information turns up we will let you know. Chris Chilcott (SA Speed 20 Registrar)

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