Visiting the archives

25899 TC21/100 owned by Rob Onslow (left) with James Swan, Malcolm Kindell, Don Gray, Tim Brown and Martin Wickham

The meeting prior to the AGM of the AOC was an opportunity to make a presentation to the Board and Officers about the work of the trustees and for those interested in such things to visit our archives at Bowcliffe Hall.

Rob Onslow was alone in driving his Alvis some 250 miles from Perthshire while older Directors resorted to the three pointed star for their similar mileage from the south.

We received an enquiry about a rare Alvis resident in India – you identify the model and coachbuilder?

A reminder that we hold the stock of Roy Probert’s book – here is the review from the VSCC editor when it was first published kindly forwarded by John Boswell who now handles all enquiries on Leonides matters:

We have an attractive offer on this book for new members joining in October, please leave a reply if you would a copy. See also AERO ENGINES

Out and about in September

The Hampton Court Concours included James Sprague’s Offord Speed 25, a two seater with disappearing hood, and he came away with a prize.

The Offord Speed 25 owned by James Sprague of Washington DC – photo via Wayne Brooks

For more pictures, click on Speed 25 and scroll down to the gallery. More information is also on Offord.

Trust members have attended some new classic car meetings in Lincolnshire to show Alvis cars in the wider setting of the classic car fraternity. Six Alvis from 1931-1966 joined a wide variety of vehicles at the home of Larry Riches in West Ashby.

13313 Speed 20 SD Charlesworth, 24553 TA21 Mulliners and 8678 12/50 Cross & Ellis
26181 TD21, 27437 TF21 and 25525 TC21/100 Tickford

The VSCC/Riley meeting at the Blacksmiths Arms, Rothwell is every second Tuesday from 12.00. Four Alvis attended.

Speed 20, TD21, 1929 Silver Eagle special 7637, Sprite, Fulvia, Fiat Special, Graber

As over 1,000 copies of the Julian Collins July 1997 AOC Bulletin have been downloaded, here are another 90 pages of articles for your enjoyment………

Two cars up for auction from the Gene Ponder collection on 24th September are:

R M Sothebys

and a close relation (came third in class after the Alvis Graber)