Alvis Owner Club AGM appointments

We welcome the following members to their new posts following today’s AGM at Barford:

Frank Kay, member 1551, succeeds Edgar Shields as President, pictured here with Joan and their Speed 20 who have all been together for over fifty years. Edgar was made a Life Member
David Salter, member 9883, succeeds Brian Maile as Chairman who was made a life member
Gary Pellow, member 11371, succeeds Paul Chasney as General Secretary
Anthony McGarel-Groves, continues as Treasurer
Mick Fletcher continues as Vice Chairman


Colin Newby continues as Overseas Director

Ann Bradnum succeeds John Hay as Wales Region Director

Tim Brown succeeds David Salter as Northern Region Director

The following statement was also issued as an AOC Members briefing on the progress and future aims of the Alvis Archive Trust

Members will be aware that our long search for suitable premises to house the documents and related memorabilia of the club finally came to fruition with the rental of office accommodation at Bowcliffe Hall, Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Followers of the Trust`s website will also be aware of the excellent facilities that exist at Bowcliffe Hall with its long history in motoring and aviation.  We do however strongly urge all members to investigate the Bowcliffe estate by either checking out its own web site or indeed arranging a visit with the Trustees to view in person the Trust`s collection.

With premises secured and items being displayed and catalogued we now move on to the next stage in our development. The Trustees have long held the view that to promote the Trust as a viable proposition and one that operates to a recognised set of rules the pursuit of charitable status should be followed. This would, we believe, encourage more members to leave their collections to the AAT, knowing that they operate under strict charity commission procedures.

In pursuing the lease on the Bowcliffe offices a small working party was established of Trustees and Club Directors and it`s with these individuals, using their combined experience that we seek to apply for charitable status. Apart from the main benefits listed above, charitable status also brings certain tax advantages and rate relief, most useful once the Club`s monetary support reduces from 2020.

Obviously the AAT will remain very closely involved with all aspects of club life but the Trustees do feel that to develop and encourage further additions to the collection it must be seen to operate independent of the club and to the highest standards. Less than half of the Alvis cars in existence belong to members of the Club and the Trust can have broader appeal to former members and non members. We sincerely believe charitable status will provide this and urge all members to follow the Alvis Owner Club’s directors and Archive Trust plans in this matter.




Visiting Hershey

If you are going to Hershey, say hello to Wayne Brooks, who invites Alvis owners to visit him at the AACA Hershey meet in the South Chocolate Field, spots CZ 24, 25, 26. It runs from October 4-7.

A new page has been added to the Coachwork section, click on Coachwork

Have you visited the Fourteen website lately? It has expanded enormously with an extensive photo archive, click on Fourteen


This and that

We are constantly receiving new archive material and rediscovering stuff we already had while installing ourselves at Bowcliffe Hall. To record all this activity, well the interesting bits anyway, there are some new and updated pages.

First, thanks to a new photo from Chris Taylor, the Speed 20 SA now has it own page,click on Speed 20 SA

Another new page provides an update of the Australian Tour in March 2019, click on Centenary

For the other things of interest but not yet worthy of a dedicated page, click on Jottings


September 1967

Fifty years ago the AOC Bulletin recorded that Alvis were no longer making cars and prompted some crystal ball gazing. Would you like to comment on how you see the role of Alvis cars in 2040?

Will anyone be allowed to drive?

Will we be allowed to drive an Alvis?

Will there be any fuel for an Alvis?

Will anyone want to drive an Alvis?

Will we be fitting electric motors to our cars?

What other questions should we be asking?

The article below appeared in the Birmingham Post on 29th July 1967


Cmdr. Clinkard boarding Equipe Maritime, taken by Wayne Brooks in June 1968 at a pub stop on the way back from Snetterton. “David and Peggy Van Schaick are in the black 4.3 saloon 13185, LNJ 881. I left the door open when I got out to take the photo. The blue 4.3 drophead is 14316, DYW 68, then with Ed Norris.”

Save the date

Saturday 18th November 2017 is when we are holding our first Archive Trust event at Bowcliffe Hall. This is your opportunity to see what we have on display, bring all those old slides, negatives, albums and photos, automobilia items and Alvis spares you want to donate or sell, and to buy some of our surplus items.

A well-known Graber TA21 seeks a new custodian, click on Graber

The Annual Petwood Concours in Woodhall Spa attracted several Alvis owners, including a TF21 owner who has owned his car since 1966. Some also brought their cars to represent most decades of production and took away some prizes. For pictures and comment click on Petwood

A perfect spot for a gathering of interesting cars of all ages

A “lost” 12/70 has appeared in a new YouTube video

15884 BRJ 221 12/70 special

The Bradnum’s Speed 25 tourer ERF 349 featured in Classic Cars magazine recently and researching its history produced enough material for a book. It was originally owned by the 6th Viscount Newport and a request to the Weston Park Foundation for a photo when new produced one not of the Speed 25 but of an earlier car.

Speed 20 SA chassis 9844 VE 7424 with Viscount Newport. Parts of the car still exist.

Classic Car Weekly have published a three page spread to record fifty years since Alvis ceased car production (August 16 edition).