Rover and Alvis News

AOC members may have read the article in the latest Bulletin by Roy Probert about his time at the Alvis from the viewpoint of someone who came from Rover. Roy has kindly donated his collection of “Rover News” to the archive which covers the period from 1962 to 1971 and so chronicles the time when Rover merged with Alvis and then was subsumed into British Leyland. As a company and social history it makes fascinating reading sixty years later.

This historic edition appears as a supplement in Rover News for the first time in April 1966
There are are frequent references to owners’ exploits in their old Alvis cars such as this Crested Eagle
This TC21 is still around and is mentioned in the latest AOC Bulletin report on New Zealand
August 1966 announces K R Day’s first book and reports on Midland Alvis Day held at the Works
It’s 1967, so Group News….. a British Leyland Newspaper.

Adrian Padfield sent me this photo of some bolts he discovered in a garage clear out and hoped someone might recognise their application – please leave a reply if you know

For a bit of fun, there is a new page where your imagination can be exercised, click Alvisaurus

The next instalment of the FBHVC survey was published recently including

which confirms the perception that some Clubs are in decline and the average age of members continues to rise. It is sad that the opportunities afforded the now seventy plus year old Alvis owner in their youth to own a fine motor car to use every day at modest cost no longer exist. However, looking back at my first foray into continental motoring might just give a hint of what could be done to attract younger enthusiasts, but only if the trend to ever more costly events is reversed. First published in 1971, the story of my “Youngtimer” Alvis is told in 1971 Rallye Haute Savoie