50 years of Alvis enthusiasm

Christo bought 26804 in June 1971 at Sieberg, the last Dutch Alvis importer, and it was also the last Alvis sold by Sieberg, all be it a second hand. He drove the Alvis for daily use, always gentleman like, with grey trousers, a blue blazer and brown brogues from K-shoes. Photo and text by Coen van der Weiden

Christo first joined the AOC in 1973 and was a member of the AOC Netherlands. He followed his first TD21 drophead with several Park Ward 3 litres, TD, TE and TF and succumbed to the allure of a Graber coupe and the 4.3 model, once owning EDU 600, the well known short chassis Vanden Plas tourer and finally a 4.3 drophead which he brought to IAW in 2017. He was a frequent visitor to IAW in the UK and took part in various Tours including the memorable 1995 Tour of Switzerland when like a few others got caught at the top of the Furka Pass in a blizzard in his TF facing an icy descent.

Christo and Titia in a sunnier moment of the 1995 Swiss Tour

It was with great sadness we received the news of Christo’s passing last Thursday 10th June at the age of 80.

The ceremony of cremation is on Friday, June 18 at 3 pm (2pm UK time), crematorium Ockenburgh and is on livestream:

play.quickchannel.com/play/wergbtt(opens in a new tab)

 passcode 123456

Our condolences to Titia and the family – farewell dear friend

Open Day

As the Drivers Club at Bowcliffe Hall is once again providing a full menu we can offer visitors to the archives the full experience we had become used to. If you would like to make a visit, under prevailing Covid rules, we shall be open to visitors next Wednesday, 16th June.

Visits are on an appointment basis and if you would like to come please leave a reply below with your preferred time of arrival.

The arrival of summer weather in the UK encourages open Alvis use and remembering how to put the top down and the tonneau in place.

Dave Evans sent this from his son’s wedding, depicting my Fraser Reid’s Alvis Speed 20 chassis 11892, donated and driven by Fraser for the day. “The choir is the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir, both my son, the groom and I sing in this choir, founded in 1928 by migrant workers who travelled, mostly walked up

The month of May was busy with identifying a large collection of Alvis photos received from a car and photography enthusiast in Holland. Some of them however remain a mystery as there were insufficient clues to to be sure of the chassis number – here are some of them – if you can identify the cars please let us know.

2 TD21
6. TD21 at Chantilly
7. Speed 20
9. TC21/100

10. Speed 20