The Speed 25 Charlesworth Saloon

Of the 391 Speed 25 models produced from 1936-40 the majority were Charlesworth saloons. Writing in 2002, George Butlin said over one half of the total production survived and that 151 retained their original coachwork, with the remainder becoming specials or rebodied as tourers or drophead coupes. A few Charlesworth saloons have changed custodians recently and one now lives close to Bowcliffe.

14569 ETV 550 Daniel Hardy (left) with his father Trevor (a TA14 owner for 60 years) with Daniel’s new Speed 25.
14569 Speed 25 ETV 550 at Alvis Day 1965, Crystal Palace (ES photo)


2019 – how did we do?

Once again we have had more than 20,000 visitors to the site in 2019 and this is where you were from…                                ….and this is what you looked at…                                 The Fourteen site also had visitors..                                …as did the 4.3 siteSo, although this gives us a good idea what you like would you be so kind as to let us know what you would like to read about in 2020? Just leave us your thoughts in the reply box below.

Happy New Year!


Last heard of….?

It’s the unexpected emails we receive with news of Alvis cars that have not been heard of for years which give us the greatest pleasure. Someone somewhere has quietly been taking care of a special car, not a member of any of the car clubs, or perhaps was at one time but no longer belongs. If this is you, we look forward to hearing from you with news of your Alvis. Just leave a reply below.

While the emphasis is on the cars the other products and their survival are also of interest. Questions about the uses of the Leonides engine have prompted a new page covering Hovercraft .

Coen van der Weiden has sent photos of the The Louwman exhibition which can be found on  Louwman

The auction sale of a Graber TC108G has prompted an article on Graber with some information not published before, Gstaad Auction.

2020 promises to be a full year of events and a new book is expected, Alvis Society


Alvis in the Louwman

The Dutch Alvis Owner Club (AOCN) is celebrating the Alvis centenary with an exhibition in the Famous Louwman National Automobile Museum in the Hague, from 20 December 1919 to 2 February 2020.

The Louwman Museum presents a retrospective exhibition of seventeen Alvis cars from the period 1920 to 1967 at the Great Hall in the museum.

Alvis is known as an English manufacturer of high quality cars who introduced a number of important innovations that are still used in the automotive industry. The exhibition shows a beautiful overview of the most important models that were fitted with mostly typical traditional English bodies

A great opportunity to visit this top class museum enhanced with the presence of Alvis cars. Other exhibits from a visit some years ago:


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Alvis at the NEC – November 8-10

1931 12/60 TK Beetleback, in current ownership for nearly fifty years and once owned by Rivers Fletcher – on the Alvis Owner Club stand 510 in Hall 1 (on the left of the main entrance)
The 1936 Gurney Nutting SA25.63 making its debut after a lengthy restoration, on stand 1-510
Just through the doors of Hall 5, (right turn at the Main Entrance) is the Federation Village (FBHVC) with a fascinating collection of HVs including the unique 1959 Graber Special TD21

Click here for the Show Guide

Graber exhibition in Basel

The swiss website Zwischengas has an article on the newly opened Pantheon Exhibition which includes several Graber Alvis cars and 60 photos. There is a translate button with a union jack. See also 2014 Graber exhibition which we visited on our coach trip in March 2014.

We are proposing another coach trip in March 2020 to include the German Alvis exhibition. Leave a reply if you are interested in joining us.