More films and photos

A couple of accessions this month have added greatly to our film and DVD library and our ability to show them at Bowcliffe. Over thirty  films of Alvis events by the late Terry Poppelwell during his long ownership of his well known 12/60 have now been catalogued.

Terry Poppelwell’s 1931 12/60 TL Batley 4 seater owned from 1963-2010

The addition of another large screen TV also makes it easier to show the many VHS tapes we now hold. The first TeePee film we tried strangely started with the donor of the TV introducing the event.

Thank you, Colin Newby
Taking a break from scanning, Chris Bluer views some 1960s Alvis events

Last week we had a visit from Melanie Aspey, Director of the Rothschild Archive in London. Three trustees had an entertaining and informative day learning of the activities and procedures of a large and important archive and some insight into fund raising methods and record keeping. It was pleasing that our adoption of the FileMaker database was heartily endorsed.

Lincolnshire folk were treated to a fine display of coachwork on Alvis chassis at Doddington Hall last Sunday. No fewer than 24 immaculate models graced the courtyard and four of them had pride of place in front of the Hall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This replica Vickers Vimy was built for that enterprising and enthusiastic gentleman Steve Fossett, and was flown across the Atlantic as a tribute to the 1919 flight of Lt John Alcock and Lt Arthur Whitten Brown. The picture was taken at the 2005 Fly-in at Turweston Airfield in Northamptonshire – 1932 12/50 TJ Special by Peter Wright NG 3638, from The Alvis Register Bulletin No. 231, Summer 2007.

From the Consultant Historian – Another Centenary: It is one hundred years ago ( 14th/15th June 1919 ) that John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown made that epic first transatlantic air crossing. This was done in a converted Vickers Vimy bomber with extra fuel tanks in place of the bomb racks.  It is not widely known that on 12th July 1921, the by then Sir Arthur Whitten Brown took delivery of an Alvis 10/30, chassis 6247, registered HP 1821. One would like to think that he made a bee-line to Alvis for engineering reasons. Actually the reason is probably more prosaic.  Vickers were making the Alvis chassis at the time.

Neil Millington finds the price tag on this used Rolls parked outside Bowcliffe – it starts with a 3…..

Bicester Super Scramble

The Bicester Super Scramble on Sunday June 23rd was the first of the new format of Scrambles to include Demonstration laps of specially invited cars.

Mark Hargreaves’ TC21/100 Graber cabriolet takes to the track

Alvisianado Dan Geoghegan, serial Alvis driver and Graber connoisseur, sought to gather the largest selection of Grabers ever seen for the event since the AOC 2001 Jubilee at Blenheim when several Swiss owners brought their cars to Oxfordshire. Since then some cars have found new UK custodians so that some eight Alvis Grabers, a Bentley R Type and a Rolls-Royce 20/25 joined a Park Ward drophead in a woodland setting to demonstrate the diversity of Alvis styling from 1953 to 1966. A photo selection can be found in Graber.


Open Day at Hycilla

We were delighted that so many of the Alvis owners attending the International Weekend chose to visit us with their cars.

First in from the Netherlands was Coen van der Weiden in his TE21 drophead who helped guide visitors into Hycilla

Vital signs all good en route to Bowcliffe – TE21 dhc
TE21 dhc, 27100 in front of Bowcliffe Hall
Archivists proudly installing our new signage for the day, on ladders sinking into the soft ground

Our next visitor – a 4.3 short chassis Vanden Plas saloon, 14870 EVC 240, originally Ultramarine Blue
…..followed by another 4.3 Charlesworth saloon now with Paul Chasney. AOC President Frank Kay’s Speed 20 in the background.

Some 65 visitors from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, France (Patrick Rollet, President of FIVA), Germany, Austria, Norway, Florida and New Zealand then kept us busy answering questions for the rest of the day.

Ash McKenzie’s TA21 in New Zealand
Speed 20 SA, TE21 dhc, TA14 drophead (in the same family for 60 years) and Speed 20 SB Charlesworth
TC108G and Speed 20 SA
13668 Speed 25 SB Charlesworth saloon from Kent
TA14 Carbodies from Cheshire and Speed 20 SB Vanden Plas 10892
12125 Speed 20 SC Charlesworth from Northern Ireland
27411 TF21 Radford Fisherman’s coupe
27386 TF21
27436 TF21
27449 TF21
The 4.3 shows off the razor edge design as it leaves Hycilla

Photos Coen van der Weiden, Chris Taylor, John Fox

More photos on 2019 Alvis Day at Elvington

Alvis weekend in Yorkshire

We look forward to welcoming visitors to our Hycilla office at Bowcliffe Hall on Saturday 15th June. Our postcode is LS23 6LP and, just before Bowcliffe Hall gates, please follow Alvis Archive Trust signs turning right a few yards down the hill to our parking area in the direction of Bramham Park.

On Sunday 16th June the Alvis Owner Club will be displaying members’ cars at the Elvington Air Museum near York. Members who have not pre-booked can still attend either in their Alvis via the Alvis entrance, subject to sufficient space, otherwise by the public entrance as can non-Alvis cars.

Fourteens, a new book and Alvibatics

If you have not visited alvis14 lately there is plenty of interest as Eileen travels the world in search of Fourteen stories. Enquiries continue for news of cars once owned such as this one, 22761

MUA 57 – where are you now? Acquired by William Frank Blatley from Peter Thorpe in about 1958

Steve Horne has reviewed a new Alvis book by Matthew Vale – see Book Review

Amongst some donated material were eleven early copies of “Alvibatics” – part of a copy is reproduced below: Thanks to Chris Bluer for scanning all eleven copies.

Does anyone recognise this shirt…..?


Tudor Francis writes:

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Tony Phillips-Smith. He died on Sunday 26th May, in a nursing home at Mullion, Cornwall. His funeral will be held on Monday 10th June at :

Camborne Crematorium Puggis Hill, Reskadinmick,TR14 0BL  at 2.00 pm.

Tony was perhaps better known as Apsley (APS…) and was a talented artist. His drawings and cartoons were a regular feature of the Calendar (of which he was an editor for many years), and he produced Christmas cards for both the Alvis Owner Cub and Coast Watch. He also authored several books. In October 1998 he co-organized the first Remembrance of Maurice Harvey event on the 75th anniversary of Harvey’s Brooklands victory, and this became an annual event that he organized up until last year. He organized an annual summer picnic and for  many years organized the far South  West Christmas lunch. When the SW Section hosted the IAW in 2013 Tony produced the programme, complete with his line drawings. For all his talents he was very modest and a delight to work with.

A gentle giant of a man, softly spoken, a mischievous sense of humour and such a broad smile.

I am sure that you join with me in sending our sympathies to his wife Jane.

funeral notice

Motoring Art

On Saturday the Graber Freunde met in the Jura for their annual Treffen, more details and photos in Swiss Meetings

En route to Switzerland, 368 miles on day one, first stop Hotel du Golf, Chamouille

Open Saturdays

We shall be open to visitors this coming Saturday, 18th May, while we continue our cataloguing, and also on Saturday June 15th when AOC members taking part in the Longstone Run during the York based International Weekend will be making a pit stop. Our regular open Wednesdays continue in other weeks.

We are pleased to announce that Chris Taylor has secured some magnificent safes to house our treasures which will be stored off site.

A link to 1933 film clip of a Speed 20 can be found on ALFLIX

Several Graber Alvis will be gathering as part of the display at Bicester’s Super Scramble on Sunday 23rd June and tickets are now on sale here.


We always appreciate prior warning of visitors to ensure you have easy access to our offices, so please leave a reply if you are planning to drop in.