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Q. What records do you hold for my Alvis?

A. If you would like to see the records we hold for you and your car(s) please request a Skype call and we can show you what we have on your screen. We can also amend or update them while you are on line and you can see and approve the amendments being made. Alternatively we can email you a screenshot.

Q. I once owned an Alvis and would like to find out where it is now.

A. If you have a registration number (or partial number) and some details of the year, body style and colour, the period you owned the car we can check our database and see if it is recorded.

Q. I want to buy/have bought an Alvis I and want to check its history

A. We have access to extensive records of car histories and can provide details to prospective purchasers and new owners.

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