Alvis made chassis, engines and gearboxes but had no bodybuilding facilities of their own, although on various occasions they seriously considered acquiring them.

However, in the pre-war years they were still able to offer catalogued designs of standard bodywork by using one of three Coventry coachbuilders, Carbodies, Charlesworth and Cross & Ellis to build and mount bodies under sub-contract. The Wolverhampton firm of Holbrook became a fourth such sub-contractor during the later 1930’s.

Immediately post war, the Fourteen had many types of bodies fitted, but mainly Mulliners, Carbodies and Tickford.

In the final years the Three Litre model was bodied by Mulliners, Tickford, Graber, Willowbrook and Park Ward (Mulliner Park Ward from 1963).

Within the close confines of the Coventry car industry, it was a simple matter to fit the chassis with slave wheels and tow them round to one of the three local firms. An Alvis inspector was permanently stationed within the coachbuilder’s factory, and the finished vehicle would be inspected again once it had been returned to Alvis at Holyhead Road. Incidentally it is this procedure which explains why the series of “car numbers” is so much more confusing than the “chassis numbers”.

Chassis numbers were allocated at the time a new batch of chassis were laid down, and so give a good clue as to date of manufacture. Thereafter, however, the chassis would be either delivered to an “outside” coachbuilder or sent to one of the three Coventry firms for bodying. In the first case it was allocated a car number immediately, whereas with the sub-contract firms it only received its car number once the coachwork had been inspected and the complete car was ready for despatch to the dealer.

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Some other examples are shown below:

Arthur Mulliner, Bertelli, Carbodies, Cross & Ellis, Duple, James Young, Lancefield, Thrupp and Maberley

Photo Paul Bamford
9841 Speed 20 SA Cross & Ellis 30228 despatched 140632
9841 Speed 20 SA Cross & Ellis 30228
DLT 576 1936 Speed 25 SB Lancefield (all al) extending boot ch13329 car 13609
13329 1936 Speed 25 SB Lancefield saloon with an extending boot. All aluminium, car 13609
9268 SA by Bertelli since made into a special. The car competed in the Monte Carlo Rally coming 17th.
Ch 10983, AYN 16, 1933 Carlton Drop Head Coupe.
Ch 10983, AYN 16, 1933 Carlton Drop Head Coupe.
10002 1932 Speed 20 SA – Duple Coachwork – Autocar 1932
9877 – 1932 A Mulliner Coachwork – Autocar
The Speed 20 design by Corsica
Photo Paul Bamford
sill plate
sill plate Photos Paul Bamford
This is one of the only James Young bodied cars for which we have a photo (courtesy of Red Triangle) a 1928 14.75 tourer, chassis 6560. The records also list a Silver Eagle and two 4.3 litre chassis being supplied to James Young.

14463 The Lancefield Speed 25 SB EXW 17 at Pebble Beach

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