Vanden Plas

March 2018

Steve Horne writes “I am having a further batch of these coachplates made and chromium plated; interested parties should register their requests I still have a small number of the VDP dashboard plaques in faux ivory (acrylic in place of Ivorine) and also taking orders for Follett dashboard plaques in cast bronze.” Leave a comment for further details.

Much has been written about Vanden Plas which has a long history but the Alvis connection relates to the British company Vanden Plas (England) 1923 Limited, based in Kingsbury, London. The company built more than 700 bodies for Bentley before they failed in 1931 when Alvis became a major customer.

Thanks to reasearch by Ernest Shenton and Chris Taylor, the archives have copies of many design drawings.

From 1932 to 1940, body numbers between 1753 – 1999 and 3012 – 3686 were allocated to over 400 Speed 20s, 25s 3½ litres and 4.3s and the odd 12/60, Crested Eagle and TA14 in saloon, tourer and Dhc styles.

Vanden Plas 1300 – not to be confused with the BL version
Vanden Plas 1396 for a Crested Eagle
Vanden Plas 1577

Steve Horne has also researched the production recordsTogether with our extensive photo archive (this from 1970)

13355 Speed 25 Vanden Plas

our cache of press cuttings

and correspondence with designers (this from Bulletin 346 in 1986)


































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The 3½ litre