2 thoughts on “2-26-4”

  1. Could this be (From the Alvis Register Oct 1954 circular>)

    : Dr.Wild, 12 Queen Annes Grove, Bedford Park,W.4. (Tel: Chiswick 6136) has a 1929
    FWD saloon for sale. Entirely standard and original except that it lacks the blower.
    Must sell by 23rd October as owner emigrating to States. He has had it since 1936.
    Haggling starts at £90

  2. From the Oil Filler pipe going down into into he sump It appears to be an FE or FD. It is also conspicuously missing its water pump. It also has something (Non-original) attached to the front of the cam cover. A filler cap has been added to the the top of the header tank. The car has the original voltage Cut-Out and the correct original Headlights The Parking lights on the wing are a much earlier vintage and would have originally been Lucas 1130s. I have seen two FWDs with very original looking cast aluminium 1130s. I have seen these on no other car.
    Paul Bamford

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