For a short period in the 1930s it is believed the Company encouraged the formation of a Club. In the 1980s the Register looked into this and the following article is reproduced with

The reproduction ACC badge

The latest creation is  a reproduction of the pre-war Alvis Car Club badge of 1934, dimensions 70 x 75mm, (2.75″ x 2.95″) which is identical with the original except for the method of attachment

The reverse of the badge showing an original badge with its clip designed for Speed Models and the fixing on the replica
The reverse of the badge showing an original badge with its clip designed for Speed Models and the fixing on the replica

The original has a soldered 35 mm diam. round clip attached that means attachment to only a round bar (headlamp or otherwise) of that diameter, whereas the new fixing is two 3 mm soldered nuts for fixing with set screws, that will allow attachment by a similar round clip method or attach to a grille or vertical flat pillar; it would be easy to cut flat brass (chromium-plated) or stainless steel as a standard pillar with two holes aligning with the vertical nuts on the badge and with two horizontal holes at the base which would act as a mounting for a badge-bar (20mm) with clip-type type mounting. Some may wish to fit it to the 50mm dumb-iron between the chassis rails or even the vertical louvres of a later Alvis radiator. Hence, the need for a universal fixing on the badge itself.

27 thoughts on “ALVIS CAR CLUB”

  1. I did originally express an interest in the replica Car Club Badge but have not heard anything further. Can someone give me an update on progress please

    1. An AOC Snr, Management decision was made to delay launch until 2019, but the topic is due for re-discussion with the Board in early 2018, for launch this coming year

      1. Thanks Steve – please keep my name on your list as a member interested in acquiring one.
        Hugh Stirling

  2. Based on interest in the lapel badge, and acceptance of final artwork to mimic the original, I am about to commence production of these; they will have a brooch pin -type attachment, as the horseshoe stud fixing is no longer available (it now means they can be worn on any garment rather than button hole only).

    1. Hi Steve. Is the new badge lapel only or will there be a full size car badge. I would only be interested in the latter. Best wishes for 2018. Hugh Stirling

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