One thought on “Ch 13894, CYC 61, 1937 Charlesworth Saloon, scrapped in 1960’s.”

  1. I remember CYC 61 from my childhood. It belonged to a Mr W. D. Bishop of Swindon wiltshire, who was by trade, a motor vehicle dismantler. I think he bought the car in 1957 from the Bristol area.
    The colour was black over desert sand (a pale creamy yellow colour) and had the 3.5 litre engine
    The demise of the car started in 1961 when the clutch went. It was replaced, but while the car was laid up,it was decided to replace the failing o/s/f door pillar which was duly stripped out, and that was how it ended.
    The car languished in his yard for the next 7 or 8 years until the yard was sold complete with contents and I guess
    that was when it finally got scrapped.

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