11990 WP 7792 – last heard of in Stroud in 1967. Simon Merriot writes This was my Grandfather’s car which I believe my Father sold the car around the time I was born – I imagine the funds were more useful than the car at that point and my Father was much more interested in his Tourer. I believe the car was owned by a VSCC member into the ’70’s but this is a distant recollection. It would be nice to think having survived that long that at least parts of it might still be around. Prior to buying his Tourer (AXE 635) Dad had a 1934 SB saloon which had been fitted with a 5.2:1 diff. The subsequent owner did not account for that and over-worked it to the point that it ended its days at Clink’s place shortly afterwards. The engine from that car subsequently went into AXE.

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