Alvis in the Netherlands

Dear Alvis-friends, from Coen van der Weiden

Here is an overview of the Dutch Alvis importers over the years.

Many thanks go to my great-uncle Frans Vrijaldenhoven who provided copies of all the Alvis advertisements on the Dutch Conam site from his personal archives.

1924 – 1929

Auto Import Handelsonderneming, Rijnstraat 86, Arnhem

Moved later to:       Nieuwe Kraan in Arnhem

Their advertisements at the time can be found here


Around 1935

NV de Greve & Co, Parkstraat 14

in Den Haag (The Hague)

(Not much known about this company)


1935 and 1939: No mention of an import company.

(We are still searching.)


1948 – 1953

De Nederlandse Motoren Mij. NV, Waalhaven O.Z 1

in Rotterdam

Their advertisements at the time can be found here

1954 – 1968

Fa  H.C.L. Sieberg, Stadhouderskade 143

in Amsterdam

Their advertisements at the time can be found here

Kind regards,


and for the rest of continental europe

Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

5 thoughts on “Alvis in the Netherlands”

  1. Hello, can’t place the star, but the car must be a Graber bodied one, as it has an alligator bonnet as opposed to the split panels. Mike O

    1. Thanks for trying but you score -2. The car is not a Graber but a TB21 with A P Metalcraft coachwork. Wayne Brooks is the Model Secretary and will no doubt add to the history of this model.

      A further clue to the star is that she drove a 12/50 ducksback in a film co-starring with Peter O’Toole.

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