Alvis at Hershey

Hershey, Pennsylvania is the home of chocolate and the biggest antique car meeting in America, a four day event held in October. If you don’t know a Marmon from a Pierce-Arrow then this is the place to visit. Countless trade stands and private enthusiasts gather to buy and sell car stuff and socialise. RM Auctions were selling some fabulous cars on two evenings. On Saturday morning a big field of cars of all ages congregated in fourteen long avenues for the Concours.

The Alvis stand in Chocolate Field South, row CZ 24-6
The Alvis stand in Chocolate Field South, row CZ 24-6

Every year the AOC is represented by Wayne Brooks, wearing his Alvis hat so everyone knows to offer parts and information whenever they see him. Alvis cars are rare in America but we found two there and another advertised for sale. One in particular is worthy of several photos as it almost certainly unique. It looks like a Lagonda body but can anyone tell us more?

20723 screen20723 hood up20723 nsf

20723 nsr

Wayne takes a picture
Wayne takes a picture

for sale 43

and it was good to see….

Bruce Earlin at Hershey
Bruce Earlin at Hershey

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