NEC photo gallery

We enjoyed a great three day show, thanks to the owners who displayed their cars and the members and visitors who came and spoke to us on the stand.

NEC set up
Build up day with the Trust’s display boards
One corner complete
NEC Brian Symes
Brian takes a well earned rest
NEC build team 2016
Thursday evening – job done
David’s TF21 Drophead
NEC Graber osr
Graber TE21 cabriolet
NEC TE21 2015
TE21 drophread coupe
The Hewitt TF21 auto
The Willmott TF21 ex- Alvis Director’s car
NEC Alvis stand 3 250
Our Alvis stand 250 of five cars in Hall 3
Paul Chasney’s FWD on the Federation Stand
NEC 26664
Hurst Park sold this TD21 auto at the show
NEC 27246
Gaydon, Heritage Motor Centre’s Graber TE21 1965 model
NEC Monty Hewitt
Monty Hewitt getting ready for his turn at the wheel

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3 thoughts on “NEC photo gallery”

  1. Hi John, It was great to finally meet you and Dave Culshaw (Although I had probably met both of you many years ago when Alvising with my Dad!) at the NEC show. Ref OG1580 – I will write up what I know re previous owners but thanks for the info on CHM Dobell. I did a quick ‘Internet’ search and found the attached and below

    Page 17, August 1945 Motor Sport

    Club News

    Club News


    Sqd/Ldr. L. Bunst.ens has had the misfortune to break a con.-rod of his 14-litre Invicta, and would be very glad to hear of another engine, or from anyone who could suggest how another make of engine might be installed. Marcus Chambers is preparing Peter Clark’s Le Mans H.R.G. for a further spell of service. Capt. C. H. M. Dobell has bought a 3 carburetter Alvis “Silver Eagle “4-seater (OG 1580) and would like to hear from past owners. K. V. Baillie Hill is at Droitwich and hoping to run his H.R.G. on “basic.” H. C. Shaw has been running a “Special Series” Mk. IV open 4-seater Riley Nine, but has in store two Lea-Francis, a ” Hyper ” 4-seater, once Cozette blown but now with single Solex carburetter (GF5328), and a 2/4-seater compounded from ” Hyper ” and “12/50” parts. The registration number of the latter is TU3951, and Shaw is very anxious to trace its history ; it has a short, central remote gear-change, cycle wings and a very large external rear fuel tank.

    . Best Wishes Chris PS My 12/50 was owned in the 50-60s by a Dr Ivan Castleden, who I think was a leading specialist in the medical field – he used the 12/50 as his everyday car up to 1965ish! Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 11:46:39 +0000 To:

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