Fifty Years of the TF21 – 1966-2016

On this day fifty years ago the first three Works TF21s were registered FVC 895D FVC 896D and FVC 897D in readiness for the announcement at the Geneva Salon of the Three Litre Series Four. In August 1966 GVC 473D was registered, in September GVC 861D was Mr Boxall’s car, GKV 832D in November, JDU 961E in January 1967, JHP 903E in February for Mr Howell; March 1967 saw JRW 445E, JRW 446E for Mr Russell and JRW 594E. 12% were registered by the Works. Six of the 106 produced went to Graber.129


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27 thoughts on “Fifty Years of the TF21 – 1966-2016”

  1. Gentlemen, I have TF2, engine & chassis 27412. Original date of sale 26/6/1967. I purchased the car in Melbourne from Dr. John Forbes-Proctor on 12 November 2003. I don’t know the car’s history.

    She is presently laid up, awaiting restoration. The chassis is badly rusted and will need to be replaced.

    Richard Tonkin,

  2. Gentlemen

    I am the current owner of TF21 registration number PLN 31E, car, chassis and engine number 27396, completed 9 June 1966 and first registered 13 March 1967. It’s entire history is known, other than for the period between completion and registration, and has been filed with the AOC. Please let me known if you would like a copy.


    Philip Singer
    West Sussex.

    1. Happily now mine..striptease and rebuilt with new wings etc by Barry ward some years back.has been to Sardinia and back via British classic car weekend in st moritz…going well,gearbox is a bit lazy,but just a great car.

  3. I owned a TF21 DHC 27419, bought in 2002, and sold in December 2015 at Art Curial Auction.

  4. Don’t forget the TF21 I inherited with Austin 3 litre headlights fitted by Roland Simonds (detail in the Graber archive).

  5. Hi I own The TF-21 27427 from 1966 bodynumber 9302, Iám the 3 th owner, I bought it from Phillip Bennet in 1985. The British reg.number was NPF915D, the Swedish is MZO 856. The car is now runing and hopefully it will be MOT this spring.

  6. Robin Johnston
    TF21 27411. Registered 3.6.66. The “Fisherman’s Coupe”. Owner had a new Radford modifications, by E Farr. New register KLE 422 D. Registered by 1977 LPO 1, then changed as 1986 as PBY 75 D.
    Farr 1966
    Davies 1969
    Clark 2001
    Johnston 2003 – 2016

  7. I owned and did a first restoration on FVC 895D we wrote it up in Classic Car with photos etc Adrian Rogers Drop head manual– fantastic car except for tendency to rust!!

  8. GEY385E was owned by me in France bought from the estate of a Mr Good of Bicester who had it on a private plate and who had found it in the flooded cellar of a nursing home. Resold by me in 2009 (to fund acquisition of 12/50 ) after changing the B/W box for a modern ZF auto box but with links created to original B/W controls under the dash – the only modification I’ve ever made to an Alvis car!

  9. I recently purchased as very good owner’s handbook which had the the update lubrication guide inserted and also the power steering insert, neither of which appear bound into the owner’s handbooks and so i am quite excited to share these with you which I think should be put up on the site to let all of those other owners who have hand books without these two valuable insertions. I have scanned these and am attempting to send them to you at the Archive Trust so that you can hopefully put them on the site, somewhere where people can find them for easy and quick reference.

  10. Andrew
    Mine must be the very next car, 27458 first registered on 1st Feb. 1967. VBY332E.
    I bought the car many years ago from David Dunham, son of Richard Dunham of racing fame.
    A beautiful car with an interesting history!

  11. Gentlemen,
    I am the proud owner of 27437, first registered on 22nd March 1967. PGH 733E. It goes without saying that having only purchased the Alvis a few months ago, this is the finest classic I have ever owned to date. Bring on the sunshine and go places!

  12. I am thé owner of fhc 27461 bought there is one year ago from england
    Former registration in England was
    I enjoy it very much

  13. My father and I owned XLE 9 (Body 9300 Chassis 27425) from 2000 -2007. Dark blue with pale blue leather interior seats and carpet. A beautiful car in great condition. My father was Roland Andrews Manufacturing Manager at Alvis for many years and I grew up visiting the factory on Saturday mornings – often going down to the Bagington test track and being fortunate to have rides in Saracens and Saladins if they were being put through their paces (clearly pre ‘health & safety’!!). I have a few photos if anyone is interested.

    1. Many thanks for your note about your TF21 which I am pleased to report is still in fine condition in Switzerland.
      Our records are showing another named owner from 1995-2005 which would seem to be a mistake – he declared ownership of the car in 1996 when he joined the AOC. We would be very pleased to see the photos of the car in your ownership and pass them on to the current custodian. Photos and further comments can be emailed to

    2. Hello Mrs. Greenwell
      I bought your former ALVIS from Mr. Lloyd. I restored the car, chose the color british racing green, with beige leather interior. I am very interested in the history of the car. So if you could send me photos and other documents, I would be very pleased. If you can give me your e-mail address I will send you also pictures from the present Alvis.
      I am living in Luzern, in the middle of Switzerland.

  14. On the 2/11/2022 I bought the TF21 which orginal registration was JDU 916E but is now OMP 151E.
    Engine and Chassis Number 27421 Body Number 9295
    Dr. Adrian Atkinson Ashwood House, Hayes Meadow, Milley Road,Waltham St. Lawrence, RG100JP

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