10148 ALK 228 pvt 007 Georgano photo London W2 March 1961

10148 ALK 228 pvt 007
London W2 March 1961 Photo ng pvt 007, can be seen on the following page.
This is a new find for the SA Register and was unknown to the Club until this photo appeared. By elimination Nick Simpson has been able to apportion Ch 10148, which is one of the rare saloons by the Mayfair Carriage Co. Charles Follet was able to exert his influence upon Mayfair designs and when customers required a four door car they were steered toward Mayfair, rather than VDP. The coachwork was cleverly constructed for light weight, using alloy castings and extruded window frames in the doors. This design gave slim screen pillars allowing excellent visibility. Several had fabric tops.
ALK228 looks a little out of place between the late fifties tinware parked in London W2 in 1961. It has lost its running boards and is equipped with a rather inelegant front bumper. In cars without running boards, flying stones from the front wheels often damage the lower forward area of the rear wings. In this case, a rather crude and oversize rubber shield has been added to the nearside rear wing for protection.

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